Sorry for the inconvenience

I’m really sorry about what happened yesterday. If you were frustrated not being able to access the blog or place comments on it, I know exactly how you feel. I was pretty panicked when I looked Friday morning and it looked like I’d lost a week of material. It was worse when I tried to get into the guts of the thing, and got an error message.

Anyway, I am particularly sorry if you tried to comment, and it got lost. Please give it another try; I think it’s working now. If you have any more trouble, please e-mail me at I won’t be there until Monday, but I promise to get right on it then.

Now that I’ve said my sorries, I’ll give my excuses: It wasn’t my fault! It was something to do with Typepad. I don’t understand it, frankly; something about routine maintenance that went awry.

Just don’t give up on the blog.

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