Has Spratt displaced Franklin?

raveling again. And on about the umpteenth time I passed this billboard this summer, I finally stopped and grabbed the image, so that I could ask:

Is it just me, or does the guy on this bill look just like South Carolina’s own John Spratt? Take away the mustache, of course. See it?

I knew he was the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee, but I didn’t know he had the kind of pull it takes to replace ol’ Ben on the C-note.

3 thoughts on “Has Spratt displaced Franklin?

  1. LexWolf

    Heh. Sorta looks like a younger, skinnier version of him, doesn’t it? Hopefully with a little luck Spratt himself will be displaced right out of his House seat sometime soon.

  2. Dave

    It’s interesting to me that Cong. Spratt draws nearly zero interest on this blog and in many other venues. I think he is a decent bloke but policywise he votes down every tax cut and nearly every attempt to prune fat out of the government. On the good side he is very pro-military. Why does this guy stay under the radar so effectively is my question?

  3. tplumb

    That guy on the billboard doesn’t look anything like John Spratt except in one aspect: Lack of hair.
    You hirsute guys are all the same. You can pass up the opportunity to point out — however subtly –that the rest of us lack a full head of hair. Come to think of it, you mind of remind me of a certain governor who also has a lot of hair. Has anyone suggested a curious likeness there?


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