Hello, World! And thanks…

Gasp! Sputter! Snort! Hachh! Ptui!

Ah! Air! I’ve broken the surface! I’m back in the world!

Three days without broadband service — partly because I’m on vacation and not trying very hard, partly because whenever I did try, I had trouble connecting. First I tried a coffee shop where I’d never been before, and no dice — the laptop wouldn’t pick up a signal. Finally, I came back to this place where I have blogged before, and blogged well — but still no signal. So I wimped out and called the gurus back at the office, and while they were busy talking me through various solutions, I finally noticed the button with the little broadcasting tower icon, and switched it back on.

So here I am. Duh.

And I have to say, I am grateful and humbled by the fact that y’all have taken my invitation to dialogue seriously enough to run the comments up to 202. That’s like the second-most ever. Sure, I realize it wanders off the subject here and there, but that’s OK.

Now that’s a pretty intimidating string for any interested party to wade through, so I’m going to see if I can put together a Cliff Notes version, and make it my Sunday column. In the meantime, the conversation continues for the appointed fortnight.

Yours in el blogando verdadero,


27 thoughts on “Hello, World! And thanks…

  1. Randy E

    Brad is speaking Spanish. He must be Hispanic. I heard 96.8% of crimes were committed by people like him. 😉

  2. Lee

    Nice job…attacking private citizens in your newspaper column, inviting every cyberpunk to come pile on, and then leaving town while your blog fills will the adults having to defend themselves against liberal libel.
    And you wonder why no one takes your newspaper seriously.

  3. LexWolf

    I think that column was quite useful. It really brought out the crabbed mindset of the blog bullies here. The thread gave them plenty of rope to hang themselves on their own words. Freedom of speech – hah! Their motto is ‘Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee!”. Diversity – bah humbug! They want to “vote people off the island” so only Kumbaya-singers remain who feel just like them. Tolerance – yeah right! That only applies for all the outrageous things they support but never for people who don’t agree with them.
    We could go on and on but their utter hypocrisy and their pervasive double standards really came out quite well on that thread. I’m sure Brad didn’t intend it that way but he did a great service for us.

  4. Kyle

    Lex, what thread did you read?
    I think you’ll find that “we” were the ones asking for more information and talking about setting a better tone, while you (admittedly not so much, though) and Lee went non-stop with the insults and over-the-top misconstrued generalizations. There’s plenty of hypocrisy in that thread to go around, but you won’t find all of it on “our” end. I’ll extend the same invitation to you that I did to Lee: some folks here are going to try and discuss OUTISDE OF the labels, false assumptions, generalizations, and statistical jumps that were so prevalent in the civility thread. If you want to join in, OK, but the fluff (all the stuff I just mentioned) will be ignored.
    If you want to argue with that, try it without being a smart-aleck. I know you can do it, and I think behind those very mean and somewhat paranoid words, you have some good thoughts to contribute. :)

  5. Randy E

    I concur with my fringe element friend; this blog is a joke and nobody takes Brad seriously. That’s why we come in here every day. (please note the cheek with the tongue)
    I think I understand the term paradox better now, thanks.

  6. Brad Warthen

    “OUTSIDE of the labels, false assumptions, generalizations…”
    Kyle has captured the essence of what I’m trying to accomplish here.
    By the way, would you be the “Kyle” who is the lesser-known half of Tenacious D?

  7. Kyle

    Wow, thanks Brad.
    I don’t even know who Tenacious D is. So that’s probably a “no” to your question. 😀

  8. Lee

    Brad, you might want to explain what you “journalists” think are facts, vs opinions.
    Only their psycoanalysts have any need to see more of the crabbed minds of modern liberals. The rest of us want to discuss solutions to failed government.

  9. Capital A

    The rest of us want to discuss solutions to failed government.
    Posted by: Lee | Aug 4, 2006 6:13:45 AM
    You may want to begin by looking in the mirror and dealing with a failed citizen and palsy patriot. The man asks for civility yet you still want to lash out because your feelings are hurt from being mentioned in a blog prologue.
    If this were a Bugs Bunny cartoon, I’d drop a brick in a glove and smack you with it. You and the rest of the terrible trio just won’t get the point any other way.

  10. Randy E

    “Brad, you might want to explain what you ‘journalists’ think are facts, vs opinions.”
    Brad, Fact or opinion: “Hispanics commit 96.8% of the crimes.”

  11. Lee

    Isn’t Capital A glad he can hide behind non de thug and talk about what he would do, from the safety of his dorm room.
    The pity is that CA, Randy and Brad don’t see how rude they are.

  12. Randy E

    Lee, I see many of us stooping to your level in our replies to you. The difference is we respond to your specific inflammatory and destructive posts with vitriolic posts while such posts seem to be your “m.o.”

  13. Lee

    Randy, what’s stopping you from writing some of the elegant, fact-filled expositions of your solutions which you claim to be so able to provide?

  14. Capital A

    Isn’t Capital A glad he can hide behind non de thug and talk about what he would do, from the safety of his dorm room.
    The pity is that CA, Randy and Brad don’t see how rude they are.
    Posted by: Lee | Aug 4, 2006 8:00:54 PM
    Lee, I meet your ignorance with humor. It’s the only way to “defeat” people with your mental density. And the crowd loves it.
    Do you not even see the humor? Do you actually think you can smack someone in the face with a brick-filled glove to challenge them to a duel?
    There’s nothing I’ve said here that I wouldn’t say to your face. Purposeful ignorance such as you’ve shown deserves public ridicule.
    Are you actually angling to soundly lose a physical confrontation as well as the many verbal ones of the past few months?
    I was against a blog meeting before, but when you put it that way, I may have to reconsider. How many of your former students (if any exist) would pay to see that?
    Think: The Caning of Charles Sumner.

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