I needed this

Well, I got a small smile out of this bit of unsolicited e-mail:

I enjoyed your article about “dying is easy, humor is hard”. I think you might be interested in our organization!.  AATH is an international organization dedicated to supporting our members as they advance the benefits of laughter and humor.  Your web site indicates that you provide programs that are aligned with the philosophy and mission of AATH.

My last week or so has been really rough, and I’ve seen little to laugh about. Good to know there’s an organization out there willing to help out with that.


One thought on “I needed this

  1. Karen McLeod

    Have you ever noticed how the human psyche responds to disaster with humor. Some of those moments that we find to be most embarrassing, we cover up with humor. Black humor, whether it’s a policeman’s ‘crispy critters’ or the war humor of M*A*S*H is the result of the human mind’s attempt to deal with the unthinkable. Yet, while we laugh, we don’t feel the need for humor during our greatest joys. We laugh or cry then, without any need for cleverness, or discovery of incongruity. While I very understand that those who have suffered loss do not need to hear the ‘cruel’ humor of those who have had to see it all too often, I must celebrate the dominant spirit of those who laugh, and go on to salvage what they can out of disaster, to rescue life from death.


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