Running into Rabbi Marc

Last Shabbat, when I posted this, I completely forgot to mention that I ran into our old friend RabbiWilson_marc Marc Wilson, frequent contributor to The State‘s op-ed page.

It was after the lengthy service, when we celebrated my niece’s naming with food and drink in what, for
lack of knowledge of another term, I will call the synagogue‘s fellowship hall.

I kept thinking I knew that guy with the young-looking face behind the gray beard, so I went up and introduced myself. He had been thinking he knew me, too, but had been just as unsuccessful placing me. He said I looked like someone named Fred Tokars, and I wasn’t sure how to take that, although I think he meant it in a nice way.

Anyway, we had a fine time catching up, one pundit to another. Later, he e-mailed me as follows:

Whada kick to finally get to meet the celebrity behind the
haute-academia glasses.
Actually, more than Fred Tokars, you look like a rabbinical friend,
David Geffen, but to the best I know, he now lives in Jerusalem.
Re. your blog:  Jews get it right . . . sometimes.  Remember, we
were the ones who supported Napoleon and turned west, instead of east, where all
the oil is.
Hope all continues to be well with you and yours, and that happy
occasions keep bringing us together.  The invitation to a weekend in Greenville
is sincere.  Regards to our mutual friends, et al.
All my best,

I thought David Geffen produced records, or movies, or something. Anyway, if you’d like to read Rabbi Wilson’s latest, his blog is at Marc Musing on Blogspot. He also writes for the Atlanta Jewish Times, and  the Judische Allgemeine in Germany. (Herb should enjoy reading that site.)

Anyway, the whole episode is yet another illustration of what a small town South Carolina is.

One thought on “Running into Rabbi Marc

  1. Jeri Duncan

    Actually Fred Tokars face is etched upon my memory since I worked with him everyday during a phase before his prison term began. He wears glasses like you, his eyes are light and smile when they are happy, the rest of your face whle nice in its own right does not resemble Fred.


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