Nick Clyburn? or, ‘Hey, Buddy…’

One thing jumped out at me when I read the piece about Jim Clyburn on today’s front page:

"…Then, he disappears down the restaurant’s narrow stairway, his three-man security detail in tow…."

Apparently, Rep. Clyburn is channeling the Nick Theodore of 20 years ago. This is from a Lee Bandy story of July 20, 1988:

A top state Republican is ridiculing Lt. Gov. Nick Theodore’s security contingent at the convention, but a Theodore spokesman said the six-person contingent is needed.

"While we don’t dispute the need for basic security even for a part-time job, Theodore needs a half-dozen bodyguards like Dolly Parton needs a body lift," State Republican Party Chairman Van Hipp said.

Four SLED agents and two state troopers are in Atlanta with Theodore, SLED Chief Robert Stewart said.

Theodore normally has two SLED agents, but "whatever is requested by the governor or lieutenant governor, we’ll send it," Stewart said.

Theodore spokesman Lyles Glenn said long hours and admission restrictions necessitated the extra manpower.

Spokesman Tucker Eskew said Gov. Carroll Campbell would have three or four bodyguards at the Republican National Convention next month in New Orleans.

Ah, those were the days. I was with Lee at that convention (did I mention that I’m not at this one?), and I well remember Nick’s "command post" in a room on the ground floor of the Days Inn there in Buckhead, from which his ongoing security operation was coordinated via radio.

Poor Nick never did quite live that down. Echoes of his armed force reverberate today through consideration of Andre Bauer’s security expenditures.

Anyway, that was the last part of Mr. Clyburn’s day that grabbed me. Somehow, I think I had more fun following Lindsey Graham around at the GOP shindig four years ago. After all, I got to meet Biff Henderson.

20 thoughts on “Nick Clyburn? or, ‘Hey, Buddy…’

  1. Guero

    Mr. Warthen once again shows his true colors; determined to find fault with anything Democratic this week. First we heard of his solo hallucination that no one else in the world noticed about Michelle Obama and Iraq. Now we hear of this.
    We’ll see how he searches out Ron Paul supporters in Minneapolis. I’ll wager we see no such stories.
    Anyways, back to Jim Clyburn and security.
    I suppose Mr. Warthen couldn’t be bothered to ask the Congressman’s office for an explanation before ridiculing him.
    I heard an interview with Jim Clyburn recently in which he related the constant level of threats he and his family have received.
    Why don’t you follow up with Jim Clyburn’s office, Mr. Warthen? Give us the whole story and I’ll wager you eat crow. Care for some salsa?

  2. Lee Muller

    Jim Clyburn… what a disgrace to our state.
    How appropriate for an Affirmative Action Congressman to be speaking for another candidate who is totally unqualified to hold public office.

  3. george32

    you are right Lee, the affirmative action loving GOP controlled the redistricting process to load up one district with african americans and 6 with Dittoheads.

  4. Lee Muller

    The GOP and Democrat leadership was in agreement on the deal creating a single black district in order to create two sure GOP districts adjoining it.
    Democrats had lots better choices than Jim Clyburn, a man with no political savvy, who came from running the Affirmative Action programs for the state.
    If the GOP were honest and had guts, they would have drawn the district lines to also take away the gerrymandered district of John Spratt, who mainly represents the banking lobby. Thank him for helping Clinton remove the controls which enabled predatory lenders to bilk poor constituents in his district and set up the current mortgage market crash.

  5. Guero

    In keeping with his and his newspapers’ desire to rain on anything Democratic this week, Mr. Warthen’s lead editorial from today’s State is an exercise in finger wagging only.
    The Democratic Party let the Florida and Michigan parties know the rules were not to be triffled with. AFTER their votes were rendered irrelevant, the Democratic Party allowed the Michigan and Florida parties a feel-good moment.
    You got a problem with that, Mr. Warthen?
    Apparently you seem to feel your boy McSame is being overshadowed so you desperately look for an arcane and meaningless controversy to elevate to headline status.
    We’ve got McSame’s twin Tatoos(Little Lindsey and Holy Joe)running around the world puffing up to the Russians over Georgia with needless bellicosity. We’ve got your boy McSame and President Junior telling the Iraquis we won’t agree to leave their country as they wish us to do. You’ve been conspicuously silent on these very real controversies.
    But, no, a lead editorial has to be devoted to your fit of pique and phony outrage over an internal squabble of no consequence in the Democratic Party.
    Mr. Warthen has been playing Hamlet/Little Lindsey over his (obvious) choice for President(listen to his dissembling on Keven Cohen’s show). More and more, I see Mr. Warthen as a Republican Chicken Little
    to be ignored as a sanctimonious weasel.

  6. slugger

    Clyburn and Spratt are prime examples of people feathering their own nest. Does it always have to be about money and power? We could stand a little good old fashion politician that would be for the betterment of the country insead of themselves.
    This country is headed down the slippery slope to oblivion with nothing left of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness for generations to come. There will be two classes of people. The rich and the poor.
    The invasion of our country from South of the Border is like a cloud that will blanket the US in time.
    Forget about a retirement plan, a nest egg for the future etc because Obama has already told us that he will take that money and give it to those that live in poverty.
    The song about “A Country Boy Can Survive” is going to the tested.

  7. John

    I looked at the state website that shows government spending and I do not see where the Light Governor Bauer paid for the protection. Why not? Did he not get the protection?
    So what did he spend all that money on if not for security?

  8. Billy

    What do you mean Bauer did not pay for security?
    Did the legislature give him the money?
    What website are you talking about?

  9. Guero

    Ok, Slugger, for you to be inelgibile for an Obama tax cut, you have to make over $226,982 annually.
    Anything over, you get taxed.
    Tell how painful it’s going to be for you without a tax cut from Obama, slugger.
    I don’t seem to recall your complaining about the Reagan amnesty program for Hispanos? Refresh our memory, slugger.

  10. Lee Muller

    How could you “recall” our criticism of Reagan’s amnesty for illegal Latinos? You didn’t know who we were until a few days ago.
    Amnesty by Obama, McCain or anyone else is just wrong, especially when thousands of good, qualified, desirable and legal immigrants are being denied work visas and citizenship because of bums from Mexico.

  11. slugger

    Gris do you have your citizenship papers?
    As for paying taxes, we do that every day but the bulk of what Obama is talking about is doing away with capitalism. I thought maybe you being from Mexico would know about that or do you claim not to be Hespanic?

  12. Lee Muller

    James Clyburn sits silently, while hordes of illegal aliens sneak in from Mexico and take jobs from blacks in America.
    The Democratic Party figures they have the black vote sewn up, and need more numbers of new voters, the less literate the better, to keep the Democrats in office.
    Clyburn knows that if he refuses to sell out blacks for the Latino vote, the party bosses will replace him in a New York minute.

  13. slugger

    The below was taken from the Drudge Report. Now more newspapers? Nancy P. and her fellow democrats want to do away with talk radio. What next? The TV interview programs will cease to be if they are the least bit against the liberal agenda? Time will tell. Thought Brad might like to read this info.
    Mariotti Quits, Says Newspapers Are ‘Dying’
    Star Sports Columnist Says He Wanted Out Because Paper Can’t Compete On Web
    CHICAGO (CBS) ― In a bombshell announcement in the world of sports journalism, star columnist Jay Mariotti has abruptly resigned from the Chicago Sun-Times.
    Only after taping his last ESPN TV from the Sun-Times newsroom today did Mariotti open up.
    Mariotti told CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker that he decided to quit after covering the Olympics in Beijing because newspapers are in serious trouble, and he did not want to go down with the ship.
    “It’s been a tremendous experience, but I’m going to be honest with you, the profession is dying,” Mariotti said, “I don’t think either paper [Sun-Times or Chicago Tribune] is going to survive.
    “To showcase your work … you need a stellar Web site and if a newspaper doesn’t have that, you can’t be stuck in the 20th century with your old newspaper.”
    Mariotti blamed the scandal-plagued past at the paper for its downfall. Former top execs Conrad Black and David Radler looted the company for millions of dollars, and both were sentenced to jail. The paper’s ad revenues have been plummeting and more layoffs are expected.(end)
    We are talking about Chicago folks.

  14. guero

    little sluggo: Just where is Hespania?
    Is that in between Red Bank and Pelion?
    I get to leave the MHP every morning for work release. Have they given you any day passes yet to leave William S. Hall?

  15. slugger

    Your comments on the blog is very interesting. I hope that you get well and be released soon. We will pray for you and hope that your future will prove rewarding with all things given to you from the taxpayers.
    Please do not take my remarks as being hateful toward you. That is not my intent. I am sure that you are a very fine person and that you love your country and would be willing to fight to defend it against terriorist or those that are under the influence of the terriorist.
    Your advice is a fresh breeze in a country that does not know where or when we should turn over the country to those that would harm our way of life. You may yet save us from ourselves.
    Keep giving us your opinion about what is wrong with the country and the people that would lead us to greatness (once again). You are adding a lot insite to those that would be against capitalism. I know that you are willing to give your life savings to those that would join Obama to provide for the have-nots. I admire you for you sacrifice. A true American. I just hope that when you give your life savings to the Obama cause that your name will be added to the list and not the Geuro hidden name. You should be honored with your real name for such a sacrifice.


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