Well, if you MUST know…

For this post, I should create several new blog categories, such as "Way more than you wanted to know," and "Extreme disclosure" and … oh, I don't know what.

Anyway, some of you asked yesterday where I was ("Where the heck is Brad?" quoth KP). Some of you divined political import in my absence from the blog for a day. Back in the second take of comments on this post — the 41st comment, I believe (16 after you click on "Next") — I answered the question. I'm not going to repeat the explanation, on the grounds that some of you may be possessed of delicate sensibilities. If you're curious enough, you can go look. And after you do, don't ever accuse me of not being in favor of full disclosure.

Perhaps this would be a good time to remind y'all that:

a) I don't actually get paid an additional dime for blogging; and
b) even if I did, I might occasionally get a weekday off, at the very least for medical purposes.

But hey, I appreciate the concern. And everything was fine, by the way.

8 thoughts on “Well, if you MUST know…

  1. KP

    I suggest “overshare.” Except not really: having had two children, I’m not squeamish about people’s procedures. You could have done it on the Today show and it wouldn’t have offended my sensibilities.
    And actually, I was not so much concerned –(well, I did ask myself at one point whether it was possible you’d met with disaster, but then I figured I would have heard — as bored. We missed you.
    I know you’re not paid to do this, and you have many other jobs. But I like the blog. At least when p.m. and Capital A are on good behavior.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Hey, I enjoy it, too. Mostly. That’s why I do it.
    Or, that’s one of the reasons. A bigger reason is probably the fact that my whole career, I’ve always been motivated by moving forward, doing new things (I could say something here like, “I’m like a shark; I’ve gotta move forward,” but that would be excruciatingly corny), and the blog is a place where experimentation and space are virtually unlimited…
    Time, however, is not — and as we try to put out the editorial pages with fewer people, I find it harder and harder to find time (even nights and weekends, since I’d much rather spend the time with family) for blogging. Basically, I just cram it into every little corner of time I can grab during the day. Some criticize because I blog about THIS insignificant thing and don’t blog about THAT significant thing, but hey… it all depends on what was in front of me at the moment I was able to grab half a minute…

  3. p.m.

    Sorry about the trouble your colonoscopy gave you, Brad. Hope it didn’t reveal something you didn’t want to find out.
    But now that I’ve read this from you for what seems like the 10th time — “I don’t actually get paid an additional dime for blogging” — I’d like to emphasize to you that I don’t, either.
    If anybody does get paid for posting here, I’d like to know how I could get in line for that, because it looks like it’s going to be a while before my check from Obama gets here.

  4. Brad Warthen

    Actually, Lee acts like he’s getting paid…
    Anyway, p.m., my point is that other things DO make (very legitimate) demands on my time, and it’s not like I’m being lax or anything in my duties if I’m not tending the blog 24/7. That’s all I’m saying. In fact, I have been accused of neglecting both my REAL job and my family on account of the blog, and that’s an accusation that truly worries me when I hear it. I really try to jam the blogging into those corners of time where I’m NOT neglecting more important things (posting something while I’m rebooting my desktop, or waiting for copy to come in, or at night when other family members have gone to bed), but there are gray areas. Fact is, a person who really has his life together and all organized (rather than jumping on THIS thing, then THAT thing, then back, in a sort of fluid, ad hoc way as I do) probably would never blog…
    And everything went fine with the test. A-OK. Copacetic. Everything nominal, and all those Space Age cliches…

  5. KP

    For that, p.m., I could probably dig up a little money. I bet I could raise lots if Lee would submit to the same rules.

  6. Capital A

    know you’re not paid to do this, and you have many other jobs. But I like the blog. At least when p.m. and Capital A are on good behavior.
    Posted by: KP | Feb 3, 2009 4:24:30 PM
    KP, if you care to notice, I am on “good behavior” as long as someone isn’t unfairly attacked for their views or as long as someone who hasn’t presented personal beliefs as if they are facts beholden to all.
    “Good behavior” does not mean excusing outright ignorance of facts or the dismissal of initial personal attacks. This is a blog, after all, not The Rush Limbaugh Show.


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