OK, I THINK I’ve got the comment function on my new blog fixed

I know that at least bud has tried to post a comment at bradwarthen.com and failed. There have probably been others by now. Sorry.

I THINK I've got it fixed now. Please go try, and if you have problems, let me know here.

9 thoughts on “OK, I THINK I’ve got the comment function on my new blog fixed

  1. sarah smith

    Thanks for making THE State a wonderful newspaper for the last 20 years! Keep your blogs coming..we need your guidance..

  2. Joe

    Mr Warthen, thank you for your effort to be a real jounalist, in a den of pc 1984 iniquity. May you keep up the good fight.

  3. Jerry Adams

    you did a helluva job; am sad for the way the industry is sliding. nothing like a newspaper — the smell and the feel and the ink on the fingers. ah for the good old days. Hope things are going well for you.

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  5. tiger tim

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