Inez confirmed

Here’s another scoop (to follow my earlier one on Twitter today about Lourie’s being sold): Inez Tenenbaum has been confirmed to head the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Lindsey Graham had this to say:

“I’m pleased the Senate has acted quickly on the nomination and confirmed her to this important position. I know Inez and am confident she will hit the ground running. She will look out for American consumers and provide the agency with the leadership it needs.

“I also want to thank President Obama. He made an outstanding selection in choosing Inez Tenenbaum for this job.”

I’ll add my own “Thank you, Mr. President” to that. Good one there.

Stay tuned to, always first with the burst, and on the spot while it’s hot. Etc. (I stole those zippy taglines from Heinlein, by the way — in the interests of full disclosure.)

Totally apart from the fact that Samuel and Inez are friends of mine, her quick approval is a feel-good story all around. She’s a positive, capable person whose admirable qualities easily overrode partisan considerations, and that is something to celebrate.

9 thoughts on “Inez confirmed

  1. Bill C.

    Don’t forget to mention that she did absolutely nothing positive during her tenure as SC Sec. of Education. Just another Obama screwed up appointment… but it appears that they did pay their taxes, which is shocking considering his other appointments.

  2. Bill C.

    Good comeback Kathryn, now state something useful… like why she’s a good choice for this position. What experience does she have?

  3. Greg Flowers

    No offense to Inez, who is, by all accounts, a capable person, but the truth is that this is the type of position that stirs little legislative interest and for which unanimous approvals are typical in the absence of some blot on the scutceon. While she will probably do a fine job the unanimity of her confirmation had little to do with her record or her pleasant personality and much to do that no controversial dirt was turned up. This position is probably at about the same level of concern to a member of Congress as a Federal District Judge. Again, no disrespect, and I know that she and her family are both happy and relieved its over, but in the eyes of Congress this vote was pretty work-a-day.

  4. Bill C.

    bj – No just pointing out another liberal who talks but says nothing… if it isn’t already obvious to everyone else here.

  5. Lee Muller

    Lindsay Graham exhibited his usual lack of backbone in backing Inez.
    No one wants to be a party pooper and state the truth – she is totally unqualified, and everyone hopes she just enjoys herself as a figurehead.

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