So do you have a better phone than Obama?

You know how I mentioned that I’ll be driving back from Pennsylvania on Monday?

Well, because of that I called the local Employment Security office. They sent me a letter a while back saying that they would call me at 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 3, and that it was really important. I just realized that was when I would be traveling, so I called today to see if we could set another time.

I was told no, if I couldn’t be available then, it would be at least September before anybody could talk to me. I think the lady on the phone wanted to be helpful, but she didn’t quite understand why I was worried about the call — it’s a cell phone, right? So why would it matter where I was?

Well, yeah, but — here’s why I’m worried:

On a previous occasion driving this route — I want to say it was summer 2007 — Barack Obama tried to call me. It was a previously arranged call, set up Kevin Griffis of the Obama campaign. I had read some briefing papers to be ready for it, and I got my son to take the wheel at the appointed time.

But we had just entered the mountains in Virginia, and the call kept breaking up. I kept hearing Sen. Obama say, “Sir?… Sir?” (He’s very polite.) But he couldn’t hear me. He called back a couple of times, and then just gave up.

No, he wasn’t the president yet — not even the nominee. But hey, if not even he could get through…

So that’s why I’m concerned. But I didn’t think I should tell the lady at the unemployment office that story. She might think I was topping it the nob, putting on airs, and so forth. So I just let it drop…

5 thoughts on “So do you have a better phone than Obama?

  1. Randy E

    Brad, pull off the road about 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled call time and test the coverage. If it’s a big deal, park at a hotel where you can possibly make a credit card call.

  2. bud

    Brad, I hope everything went ok with your phone call. But I’m just a bit curious, why are you out of town in the first place at this time? Shouldn’t you be watching every penny and spending all your time in a job search? Or was the PA trip a part of the job hunt?

    I have a job (actually 2) but we’re still strapped for money so we haven’t gone anywhere this summer. If I lost one of my jobs we’d be in very serious trouble. I’m glad you’re able to get by without a job. I have to commend you on whatever planning you did to weather the storm. Maybe you can teach a class on how to survive a job loss.

  3. RalphHightower

    Do you have an Apple iPhone? Computer talk show host, Kim Komando ( has an Apple iPhone. She rags it every time she gets to: fewer bars in fewer places. Apple & AT&T locks the iPhone to AT&T.

    I had a “corporate leash”, a company provided cell phone. Only problem was that coverage at home was not that great (and no, it was not AT&T)

    I know from your past blogging that you have a “Crackberry”, ie, Blackberry. I just don’t know who you service provider is.

    I haven’t gone out of state in our new GM SUV, but try renting a GM car with OnStar and see if it works in W. Va.


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