Jon Stewart again thanks South Carolina, the state that keeps on giving

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KP brought this bit from “The Daily Show” to my attention. It was introduced with the explanation that it’s hard coming up with enough material for a comedy show every day, so…

“That’s why we here are especially grateful for those frequent contributors — those who give more than their fair share — like the state of South Carolina…”

He went on to remind his viewers that SC is the place where the elected representatives shout “You lie!,” where the governor goes to Argentina to meet his mistress on the taxpayer’s dime, and where (in a South Carolina story that we paid little attention to, but which is one of Jon Stewart’s favorites — a man is charged with having sex with a horse… twice… with the same horse).

This time the source of hilarity was our lieutenant governor — pause for laughter — who compared poor children to stray animals. Mr. Stewart then played Andre’s “explanation” of his remarks, to which he could only say:

You know, it’s interesting… especially in South Carolina, you keep giving them a chance, and they keep (bleep)ing that same horse.


Barbara Kenly of Little River guards her horse, Sugar, after allegedly catching a man having sex with the mare...

22 thoughts on “Jon Stewart again thanks South Carolina, the state that keeps on giving

  1. William Hamilton

    My son watches this stuff on TV and counts the days until he can leave this state after High School graduation. Interestingly, his Republican classmates, who love this stuff, have exactly the same plan.

  2. Karen McLeod

    As a South Carolinian, this reminds me of a time when I was in college. I had really scalded my hand in the process of getting coffee. As the nurse treated it, I spoke of how absurd the incident was, laughing about it. She responded, “you’re laughing because it hurts so much that otherwise you’d cry.”

  3. KP

    I can’t decide which is my favorite part. It could be when Stewart says “you’re like the goose that laid the golden eggs, only instead of golden eggs, it’s goose crap.”

  4. Doug Ross

    Here’s an example of the latest “genius” move by the SC legislature:

    Teacher furloughs OK’d by House panel

    COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina teachers statewide must take five days off without pay under a cost-cutting measure approved by a House panel.

    The committee voted Tuesday to take away five paid teacher work days. All administrators must take 10 days of furlough.

    The move would save roughly $100 million.

    The panel also voted to suspend all end-of-year tests not required under federal law. That means high school students will not take end-of-course tests. There will be no end-of-year social studies testing in grades three through eight. A few pimary grades will take science tests.

    This is the typical “We’re too stupid to do any analysis and have too many political hacks to pay off to cut stuff that is useless”.

    Although Jim Rex will probably be happy there would be no end of course test results coming out just as the voters are going to the polls. Better to have no results than have to put the P.R. spin on another year of failure.

    Term limits is the only answer. Throw all the bums out.

    Brad – someday you’ll realize that Sanford isn’t the problem.

  5. Kathryn Fenner

    Sanford isn’t the ONLY problem, but at a minimum, he takes up the space that a great leader might have….

  6. Brad Warthen

    Kathryn beat me to the punch there. I was going to say, in response to Doug, that Sanford isn’t THE problem. What he is is A problem. And as the foremost elected official, the person with the bulliest pulpit, the person who holds the one elective position that has the greatest potential for harnessing political capital to effect positive change in our state, he is one big, fat, HUGE problem for South Carolina.

    I refer anyone who doesn’t get my point to this earlier post about the importance of holding governors accountable for their leadership, or their failure in that regard.

  7. Doug Ross

    Sanford was held accountable by the people of South Carolina. He was re-elected.

    Meanwhile, a couple people elected by a few thousand voters actually run the state.

  8. Doug Ross

    Who has more power in South Carolina – Jake Knotts or Mark Sanford? Bobby Harrell or Mark Sanford? Hugh Leatherman or Mark Sanford?

    The governor is a figurehead.

  9. Randy E

    Mandating teacher days off?! The implicit message is that our attendance is not of that much importance. That would never happen under President Doug Ross’ country!!!

    Brad, HuffPo quoted Joe Wilson from his appearence on the Kevin Cohen show in mid December questioning Obama’s birth certificate situation. MORON!

  10. Bart Rogers

    gotta look on the bright side. At least we lead the nation in providing material for comedians so they can keep working. Is this our contribution to the stimulus?

  11. Doug Ross


    You know and I know that any reasonable person could spend a week in any high school and identify at least a half dozen non-teaching personnel who don’t justify their salaries. We could also cut athletic budgets and stop building new schools. What Spring Valley spent on all the brick arches circling the football field would probably cover the one week furlough for all the teachers in the district.

    It’s too bad school boards love bricks and mortar more than they do teachers.

  12. Wayne M. Cannon

    Brad- Don’t normally blog- but tought I would check out your BLOG. Enjoyed it! But you need to watch who you have your picture taken with. Never Know where it will show up= Have a great day! Wayne


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