Your Front Page, Friday, March 26, 2010

Today, the hard news is heavily weighted toward national/international:

  1. Allawi Bloc Wins Iraq Elections, in Upset — This is our lede. Now we’ll see if the country can weather the first big test of a modern democracy — a peaceful handover of power.
  2. Obama, Medvedev Sign Off On New Nuclear Pact — This would have been the lede most days, but it was well foreshadowed yesterday.
  3. State’s unemployment rate stays at 12.5% in February — More of the same, folks.
  4. Haley legislation passes, but without Haley — Hey, why not tout a story of my own?
  5. Twitter’s “Kind Pirate” Arrested in France — Just a little something to cleanse the palate, a change of pace.
  6. McCain, Palin reunite for high-stakes campaign stump in Ariz. — Sigh. McCain’s never going to live this woman down. And apparently, he doesn’t want to.

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