Barrett brings back Sarge, leaves out GOP

Boyohboy — Gresham Barrett has hit the airwaves with the first media shot in the runoff campaign. And I’m sorry to say that he’s brought back the drill sergeant.

Some of you say you liked this bit the first time, that it didn’t make you cringe with embarrassment. Well, you should like this, too. But to me, there’s nothing more likely to make me want to look away than “comedy” that doesn’t quite cut it. Also, as weary as I am of hearing all those hollow cliches that GOP candidates love to spout (I’m a conservative a true conservative my daddy was a conservative daddy my mama was a conservative mama…), it’s even more off-putting when they do it with a smug, self-satisfied smirk.

But if you CAN watch, you might notice something, as John O’Connor did:

Missing from Barrett’s new ad? Any mention of the Republican Party. Calls himself “an honest conservative.”

Interesting. Has Barrett decided to join Nikki in running AGAINST the GOP?

You know, that’s going to make the Republicans’ “Post-Primary Unity Breakfast” scheduled for June 23 in Columbia just a tad… awkward. As I anticipated yesterday.

Oh, and another thing about the drill instructor: He needs a haircut. High and tight, Sar’nt; high and tight

5 thoughts on “Barrett brings back Sarge, leaves out GOP

  1. Phillip

    not specifically about Barrett or Haley, and maybe you’ve addressed this elsewhere, but…

    as a Unparty-er, what do you think about California’s Prop 14? Do you think it is a formula for discouraging partisanship and pandering to the extremes?

  2. Brad

    This is based on a VERY cursory reading about it just now, because you asked… but it sounds wonderful to me.

    I see in the LATimes that the detractors (party types, of course) “say it could push California back to the days when candidates were picked by party bosses in smoke-filled rooms …”

    Well, first, I don’t quite follow their reasoning. And second, if that happened, at least it would keep the Alvin Greenes of the world off the November ballot…

  3. Pat

    I didn’t read the LA Times piece but that has come up in the Greenville News. “The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court by attorney and GOP chair Samuel Harms, seeks to block Democrats from voting in Republican primary elections.” Lindsey Graham supposedly is against it. I don’t think it is such a bad idea. At least you would get a better feel for the party brand and maybe candidates wouldn’t be pushed to sign a litmus test. They would pay for the election and then we could choose in the general election whether we wanted a party offering or an independent. Right now, Libertarians, Republican Centrists, and Democrats are voting in the Republican primary. No wonder it is such a mess. Some states don’t even have a primary. Really, it is not such a bad idea.


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