Lighten up, Francis; here’s a smiley face :)

Y’all know I have an aesthetic objection to emoticons. But today, I wished I had used a smiley face on this Tweet:

Sanford shocker: He does some actual governor work… RT @MarkSanford: headed to Cabinet Meeting this morning

To which the governor’s chief of staff harrumphed:

scott_english Scott English

@BradWarthen I thought a cheap shot like that was beneath you. You’ve finally proven me wrong.

Hey, it was a JOKE! Sort of a “puckish satire of contemporary mores; a droll spoof aimed more at the heart than the head” — mocking the tendency of even the powerful to use social media to note uneventful occurrences in daily life. You know, like I write, “I’m going out to the patio,” and the governor writes, “I’m going into a cabinet meeting.” Get it?

Once I explained that, Scott was conciliatory:

Consider my chiding gentle then. But still chiding.

OK, I consider myself chided. I am so-o-o-o sorry. :) :) :)

4 thoughts on “Lighten up, Francis; here’s a smiley face :)

  1. Scott English

    Brad, I’m going to have to start charging you for content if you keep it up.

    Don’t you remember this post:

    You first tweet is at conflict with your rationale. But, I am sure you did mean it as a joke.

    I reserve the right always to respond. Would you want anything less?

    See you round the salt mines. :)


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