Here’s a fun high-res photo to play with

The other night when I was looking for the obligatory photo of Joe Wilson yelling “you lie,” I ran across some conspiracy-oriented speculation about how it came about that someone had a camera focused on Joe, of all people, at that moment.

One site debunked the “It was planned, so they were ready to get a picture” school of thought by speculating that what it was was a blowup of a super-high-res digital photo of the event.

Well, I don’t know whether that version is correct or not. But I DO know that the site he referred me to, giving an example of what he was talking about, was VERY cool.

It had an interactive super-high-res image of the Obama inauguration, which you could zoom in and out on at will. It’s fun; you should go try it. It’s like “Where’s Waldo” (did you know that in England, it’s “Where’s Wally?” I saw that in a bookstore in Charing Cross Road). You can zoom in on the pres himself, or on the people way in the back across the reflecting pool.

I did stuff like that, and thought you might, too.

Sorry I couldn’t put the actual image here — as an embed or something — but I couldn’t figure out how. But it’s worth going there to see for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Here’s a fun high-res photo to play with

  1. Phillip

    That is fun. I already found Yo-Yo Ma standing up a level above and behind the President taking a picture with his digital camera of the Prez from behind, and Robert Gibbs standing somewhat behind the musicians, pretty low-rent seating I would have thought for him.


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