Virtual Front Page, Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

Trying to get back into this habit (encourage me if you like it; otherwise I’ll quit trying). Here’s what we have right now:

  1. Egyptian protesters defy curfew in Cairo (WashPost) — Wow. The dominoes DO seem to be falling.
  2. Clinton Calls for ‘Restraint’ and ‘Reform’ (NYT) — And that’s pretty much the U.S. position right now. Don’t y’all get carried away, but let’s have some change.
  3. Stocks Retreat on Unrest in Middle East, GDP Report (WSJ) — As promising as pro-democracy movements may sound, Wall Street gets nervous over uncertainty.
  4. Stronger Consumer Spending Boosts U.S. Growth (AP) — Then, on the other hand, there are causes for optimism.
  5. Weekend crackdown on Columbia scofflaws coming ( — Y’all better act right, starting today, because the cops are gonna (gasp!) — enforce the laws…
  6. Uganda priest berates gays at funeral (BBC) — So much for laying the poor guy to rest.

6 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

  1. Scout

    So I’m inferring that scofflaw is perhaps a synonym for traffic regulation? How have I missed this fascinating word all my life?

    Wouldn’t it be a better crackdown if they didn’t announce it – you know, like a pop quiz.

  2. Scout

    Oops, I didn’t infer very well. Should have looked it up, first. A scofflaw is a person, not a law. Sorry.

    Still a neat word.

  3. Herb Brasher

    In order to understand the situation in Egypt historically and religiously, I recommend Nabeel Jabbour’s book, The Rumbling Volcano: Islamic Fundamentalism in Egypt, published in 1993. As Phillip has pointed out in a thread below, the Muslim Brotherhood is not necessarily connected to other prominent Islamic radical groups, but it has spawned many. The common aim between all of them is the ultimate reestablishment of the Caliphate.


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