OK, I feel much better now

This morning, Phillip was kind enough to console me for having typed “Obama” when I meant “Osama” by sending me a link about someone else who had done the same.

Later today, I saw the video above.

I feel SO much better.

4 thoughts on “OK, I feel much better now

  1. Barry

    or you could be like Rush Limbaugh who repeatedly – and on purpose I believe- mixed up OSAMA and OBAMA on his Monday and Tuesday radio show.

    I’ve never heard Osama Bin Laden referred to by his first name so much in my life.

    Before this he was simply Bin Laden- now everyone- for some reason- wants to call him Osama.


  2. Ralph Hightower

    I’m not going to bother to follow @GhostOsama. But it is posting some interesting tweets.

    “@BronxZoosCobra I like your style, since you a snake, can we be friends?”

    “BIG announcements tonite at 9 eastern US time @obama @DonaldTrump be there! #osama”

    “HOLY **** guess who I finally seen, one hint: He made Thrilla”

    “BTW I no longer follow Islam, Christians are strange, looking for LRon Hubbard for guidance”

    “I must admit, my former body has no chance of hide and seek with the fish, again @Obama why did you throw me in the ocean?”

    “I have 67 virgins, Rick James took 1 away from me #osama”


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