Vincent Sheheen turns 40

Actually, he turned 40 on Friday. But tonight was when the day was celebrated, with a post-election fund-raiser at Rep. James Smith’s office.

There’s not a whole lot of content in this video; I’m posting it more as an experiment than anything else. I shot it with my iPhone instead of my Canon. You can see I had a bit of trouble with focus, etc. Also, I was unable to edit it with my PC editing software; I had to upload it raw to YouTube in order to get it here.

Oh, by the way, in case you wonder why Rep. Smith is so dressed up for the occasion: He was, as he explained to his guests, about to go “play some rock ‘n’ roll.” He’s got a new band, called The Project, which played at the Crawfish Festival over the weekend. I don’t know where they were playing tonight.

I left right after shooting this. The SC Radio Network was having an open house at their new digs. Busy night.

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