First bin Laden, then Whitey, now D.B. Cooper?

This may be a record-setting year for finding the unfindable. (Is “unfindable” a word? Spellcheck doesn’t think so.)

First Osama bin Laden, in the intelligence and special-ops coup of the century (so far). Then, the inspiration for “The Departed” is caught through a ridiculously simple use of advertising.

Now, a possible break in a 40-year-old mystery:

First Whitey Bulger, now “D.B. Cooper”?

The FBI says it is investigating a credible lead in a 40-year-old case in which a man escaped with $200,000 in ransom money by jumping out of a passenger plane that he had hijacked over the Pacific Northwest.

Federal investigators are not yet saying if they now know the identity of the hijacker – known to the American public only as “D.B. Cooper” – but say that the tip came from a law enforcement official who directed investigators to a person who has information on the suspect, the Associated Press reports.

According to agency spokeswoman Ayn Sandalo Dietrich, an item potentially belonging to the suspect has been sent to a lab in Virginia for forensic testing….

I suppose next we’ll hear from Amelia Earhart.

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