Here are some SC Rick Perry backers

I hadn’t even finished that last post about his new video before Perry put this out:

Twenty One South Carolina GOP Legislators
Endorse Rick Perry for President

COLUMBIA, SC – Texas First Lady Anita Perry today announced 21 GOP South Carolina General Assembly members’ endorsement of Texas Gov. Rick Perry for President at the grand opening event of the Perry Campaign’s South Carolina Headquarters office. The five Senators and 16 Representatives will serve on Perry’s State Legislative Steering Committee.
“Republicans across South Carolina want two things in our nominee: a proven conservative record of job creation and a plan to put America back on track,” said Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler. “Rick Perry is the candidate who meets both of those criteria. The number and the regional diversity represented by today’s endorsements are a clear indication of the strong support Gov. Perry has across the Palmetto State.”
Gov. Perry has been endorsed by the following South Carolina GOP leaders:
State Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler, Cherokee
State Senator Paul Campbell, Berkeley
State Senator Ronnie Cromer, Newberry
State Senator Larry Grooms, Berkeley
State Senator Mike Rose, Dorchester
State Rep. Todd Atwater, Lexington
State Rep. Liston Barfield, Horry
State Rep. Eric Bedingfield, Greenville
State Rep. Alan Clemmons, Horry
State Rep. Marion Frye, Saluda
State Rep. Dan Hamilton, Greenville
State Rep. Bill Hixon, Aiken
State Rep. Chip Limehouse, Charleston
State Rep. Philip Lowe, Florence
State Rep. Chris Murphy, Charleston
State Rep. Andy Patrick, Beaufort
State Rep. Bill Sandifer, Oconee
State Rep. Gary Simrill, Rock Hill
State Rep. Tommy Stringer, Greenville
State Rep. Bill Taylor, Aiken
State Rep. Mark Willis, Greenville
“It truly is an honor to receive the endorsements of these respected lawmakers of the South Carolina Assembly,” said Gov. Perry. “These conservative leaders understand that our nation cannot afford four more years of an administration that is trying to tax and spend our nation to prosperity. I look forward to these fine individuals’ support as I travel the nation to share my vision for how we will get our nation’s fiscal house in order and get America working again.”
Sen. Paul Campbell: “Rick Perry is the right choice because of his proven, successful executive leadership experience. I believe Governor Perry is the only candidate in the race who can take back the White House and restore a path of prosperity for America. I’m supporting Rick Perry and I will be encouraging others to do the same.”
Sen. Ronnie Cromer: “I’m supporting Rick Perry not only because of his fiscally sound record and his experience of creating jobs,” Cromer said. “I’m also supporting Perry because I believe he is the only candidate who can beat President Obama next year. It would be devastating for our country to endure another four years of the Obama administration. Rick Perry is the guy to beat him and he can get our country back on track.”
Rep. Todd Atwater: “Our country needs a leader who can balance the budget and create jobs. I believe Rick Perry is that leader. He has a record of maintaining a balanced budget without raising taxes while creating jobs. We cannot afford another four years of a plummeting job market and out-of-control spending. We need to send Rick Perry to Washington.”
Rep. Liston Barfield: “I’m supporting Rick Perry for President because his leadership and conservative values are what our country needs to get back on track. Rick Perry’s experience of balancing a budget and creating jobs makes him my first choice for President.”
Rep. Eric Bedingfield: “This race is about two things, Jobs and the Economy. Governor Perry, soon to be our Republican nominee for President, is exactly what South Carolina Republicans are looking for to replace the current resident of the White House. Rick Perry has the job creation record and executive experience to make President Obama a one-term president and to get America working again.”
Rep. Bill Hixon: “I am excited about getting on board with Governor Perry’s campaign. Governor Perry has shown outstanding leadership in Texas by maintaining a balanced budget and creating jobs is the kind of leadership we need in the White House.
Rep. Chip Limehouse: “Rick Perry is the best choice because of his conservative record as Governor of Texas. His commitment to balancing the budget of Texas without raising taxes despite the economic downturn should be an example to all legislators across the country and especially to Congress. We need Rick Perry in the White House.”
Rep. Chris Murphy: “Rick Perry is a real conservative – exactly what our country needs. We can’t afford another four years of the Obama administration and I believe Rick Perry is the man who not only shares our values, but also can win. I’m proud to endorse Rick Perry for President.”
Rep. Bill Sandifer: “Rick Perry’s record of job creation, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and commitment to conservative values is why I’m supporting him for president. I’m confident that Governor Perry can get our country on the right path and get America working again.”
Rep. Tommy Stringer: “Rick Perry can get our country back on the right path. Governor Perry not only has a fiscally conservative record, he also is a social conservative who shares our family values. The leadership he has shown in balancing the budget and his commitment in protecting the unborn is exactly the type of leadership and commitment we need in Washington.”
Rep. Mark Willis: “I’m supporting Governor Rick Perry for President because I believe he is the candidate of the people,” Willis said. “Governor Perry’s humble beginnings, his upbringing, and his proven conservative record as Governor of Texas are very appealing to voters looking for a real change. The people want someone they can trust and I believe Rick Perry is that person.”

I wonder why it was announced by his wife? Is he too busy?

7 thoughts on “Here are some SC Rick Perry backers

  1. martin

    40 days in the race and the most famous thing he’s ever done is talk about secession. We can always depend on us to show restraint and good judgement before we make endorsements or do much of anything.

  2. Nick Nielsen

    Bummer. I had thought Marion Frye had more sense.

    The lack of a pandering quote allows me to at least believe that he thinks it’s the right thing and isn’t doing it just because that’s what he thinks his constituents want. I can live with a decision made on those grounds.

  3. Juan Caruso

    One-seventh of them are admitted law school graduates. Two of them are low country lawyers.

    Romney and Obama will pick up the other attorneys’ endorsements, of course. Can hardly wait for Vinnie to tell us his choice.

  4. Rose

    “he is the candidate of the people.”

    That should be “white racist people who brag about their Christianity while ignoring the very basic tenets of Christ’s teaching – most especially the Sermon on the Mount.”

    All those pesky trivial things Christ said like, condemning materialism, not doing good works just for recognition, and oh yeah, those radical works of mercy like shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, care for the sick.
    Those annoying homeless, hungry, and sick people should just do everyone a favor and just die already.

    However, Perry and his ilk do really like to admonish sinners without remembering “he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  5. Herb Brasher

    Apparently Texas has the honor of being the state with the highest percentage of people without health insurance.

    And if you check the article, you’ll find that Rick Perry says the states can do a better job than the feds of providing for those without health insurance. Somehow that doesn’t quite jive for me.

  6. Alpine

    I do not understand how we even have time to worry about promoting the confederate flag when there are more important issues like creating jobs. Its not Rick Perry’s fault the issue came up – its the people who want the confederate flag recognized. How can those people push their issue in Perry’s face when there are more important matters like housing the homeless, medical programs for children, and creating jobs. I think that the Sons of the Confederate Veterans need to back down and let our government focus on main issues.


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