Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Been awhile since I’ve done one of these. Let’s see if I still have the knack:

  1. Sponseller’s body found with self-inflicted gunshot wound ( — As discussed previously today.
  2. Dow Closes Above 13000 For First Time Since 2008 (WSJ) — More good news, unless your name is Mitt Romney.
  3. House slam-dunks Haley’s ports veto ( — One member votes her way — Ralph Norman.
  4. Romney: ‘Mistakes’ have hurt my campaign (WashPost) — Gee, do ya think? Tonight we’ll see whether Santorum will beat him on his home turf. And then, this thing is really wide open.
  5. Senate confirms Haley’s pick to head DHEC ( — The story says it happened “Thursday,” but it means “Tuesday.”
  6. Third Ohio school shooting death (BBC) — Meanwhile, it’s being reported that the shooter chose his victims at random. “This is not about bullying. This is not about drugs.”

10 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, February 28, 2012

  1. Brad

    I chose today to bring the feature back because it was unusually newsy. Including three local stories worth the front, which is unusual, going by the standards I’ve applied…

  2. Phillip

    I’m even more at a loss as to how they only found the supposed suicide note today in his office. Haven’t they gone over every inch of his office looking for clues ever since he went missing?

  3. Steven Davis II

    Romney may be hurt by the 13000 mark on Wall Street. Since all the money in the market these days is based on speculation, I predict bad things in the future. Obama isn’t gaining any points with gasoline approaching $4.00/gallon. I think Obama’s problem is much larger than Romney’s. How may jobs were created in the last 1000 point jump? Or should I say how many skilled jobs were created…

  4. Silence

    @ Phillip – I’m also having problems with CPD missing the note. It would be humorous if the entire episode wasn’t so tragic. I have this image of Inspector Clouseau of the Surete (as portrayed by Peter Sellers) in a raincoat, bumbling through the office, knocking things over and generally lousing up the investigation. It’s probably time to restart the efforts to let the sheriff’s office take over, and to spin the CPD down, rather than merge it into the RCSO.

  5. bud

    Given the continued improvement in the economy and the complete lack of a credible candidate from the GOP side I’m predicting a 40 state blow-out. The gas price issue is a bit of clutching at straws by the Republicans. Quietly the price of natural gas has plummeted to prices not seen in 20 years. Gasoline prices adjusted for inflation remain well below the highs set in 2008 and may be peaking. Take a look at graph someimes showing the amount of oil produced in the US. It’s increased the last 3 years. And we now import only 49% of our oil, mostly from Canada and Mexico, way down from the 60% level in 2007. Not really much for the GOP to go on.

    Then we have the extremely high personal likeability of Mr. Obama, the pullout of troops from the unpopular Iraq war and a general level of optimism that’s starting to show up in polls. All this can change but you have to go with trends and all of those point to an Obama victory followed by increasing prosperity.

  6. bud

    The GOP race for the presidential nomination has gone to the dogs. The top three candidates are:

    1. Man-on-Dog Santorum. With his throwing up comment, war on contraception and other bizarre statements it seems impossible for him to be the nominee.

    2. Dog-on-Car Romney. Has there ever been a more unlikeable man running for president? He just can’t relate to the common millionaire let alone the common blue-collar lunch pale guy.

    3. Dump-wives-that-look-like-Dog Gingrich. Yes there actually is a more unlikeable man than Mitt Romney. At least the voters have figured it out. Newt is that rare candidate that is simply morally unqualified to become president.

    What a choice.

  7. Libb

    Not “official” news but I understand WalMart is trying to buy land in Cayce where Love Chevy is located. Why do we need 2 Wally Worlds so close together?

  8. Steven Davis

    bud, I don’t think you’re going to recruit many from this highly Democratic blog. Obama is the biggest joke since Jimmy Carter.


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