Something else women would never think of

This week, we’re going to be celebrating the particular genius of the human male — why he is special and essential, as wonderful as women may be. I mean, as wonderful as they are.

I’ll explain why later.

Here’s something else (in addition to the subject of this earlier post) a woman would never think of.

Seriously. First of all, it’s hard to get most of them even to care about video games. You may have noticed this. But to think of inserting Bo Jackson into Super Mario Brothers to run the board? That is something that only the male of the species, with his uncanny willingness to sit and think about stuff like this for hours on end, could possible conceive. And to actually spend the time turning the idea into reality? Well, you have to have that extra bone in your head that the male is blessed with to achieve it.

Watch the video, and bask in the brilliance of the concept, even if the execution is a bit lacking (obviously, Bo should have been bigger, so you could see him better — but that leaves room for the next generation of guys to improve the concept, so it’s all good).

11 thoughts on “Something else women would never think of

  1. Burl Burlingame

    I had a photo assignment in the late ’70s about strippers, and my favorite image was a good-looking totally naked woman on stage, and off to the side, five Marines are playing Pong and paying no attention to her.

    (Now, try to imagine a newspaper today running a picture like that.)

  2. Rose

    Jeez. I play video games and am pretty good, too. XBox, ipad.

    @Steven Davis II: It’s called “wireless.” It works everywhere in the house.

    But I will concede to Brad that putting Bo Jackson in Mario had to have been a male brain thing.

  3. Steven Davis II

    “But I will concede to Brad that putting Bo Jackson in Mario had to have been a male brain thing.”

    Maybe, but also about 20 years too late if it was just done recently.


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