You can go your own way: Walid Hakim is not your everyday Lexington County politician

As you may know, Walid Hakim is running for SC House District 88. It is currently held by Mac Toole, who is pretty much a standard-issue Lexington County Republican.

Walid has a different approach.

First, he sent out this release yesterday:

Hakim Wins Endorsement from

We recently received a letter from Donna S. Dewitt, the President of the SC AFL-CIO, informing us of their decision to endorse Walid Hakim for State House:

Dear Walid:

The SC AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE) met April 10th and voted to endorse your candidacy for SC HD 88.

We will be informing our affiliates in the districts with Primary opposition of our endorsement and encouraging them to assist your campaign in any way possible. We will assign key members to work with you and your staff.

While our monetary resources are limited and will be focused on our candidates with opposition, we want to assure you that we will be mobilizing our members around the issues that are important to the working men and women of South Carolina. They will know that you are the candidate the COPE Endorsement Committee has decided best represents those issues.


Then, he released the video above.

In it, he calls for a general strike.

On May Day.

On Al Jazeera.

I guess it’s Walid doing this because Mac Toole didn’t think of it, right? Right…

Walid is definitely going his own way, and staying true to his roots.

65 thoughts on “You can go your own way: Walid Hakim is not your everyday Lexington County politician

  1. Steven Davis II

    “Walid is definitely going his own way, and staying true to his roots.”

    What roots? Nikki Haley could run against Walid and win. I don’t know ANYONE who would vote for this guy who’s only known around Columbia as being the voice of the Occupiers.

  2. Steven Davis II

    “General Strike”… on what? Working, doing something useful with your life, not being a leach on society? What is Walid going to do… fill out a job application?

  3. Steven Davis II

    Walid like to describe himself as a “disabled veteran”. I’d be interested in hearing more about this disability and how much he received in disability compensation each month. He appears to be able to stand for long periods of time without any problem, he appears to have the ability to haul supplies and equipment between two places without any problems. He appears to be mentally qualified to run for state office. What exactly is his disability?

  4. Doug Ross


    “What exactly is his disability?”

    He has a damaged spine that causes him to lean severely to the left.
    The medical term is “osteo-poseur-itis”.

  5. Steven Davis II

    @Doug – Well I think that’s a 100% disability claim. No wonder he doesn’t have to work when he’s collecting tax-free money from the working people.

  6. `Kathryn Fenner


    Why is it that on all other nights during the year we eat either bread or matzoh, but on this night we eat matzoh?

  7. `Kathryn Fenner

    My, my, my–why is it any of our business what disability Mr. Hakim has? Be assured, the disability claims process is quite thorough, and if he indeed is receiving compensation for a disability, he surely has one.

  8. Silence

    @’Kathryn – Matzoh reminds us that when God released the Jews from slavery in Egypt they had no time to wait for their bread to rise before baking it. Instead they took their dough and baked it on rocks under the hot sun into matzoh.

    This Walid Hakim thread is not Kosher for Passover.

  9. Steven Davis II

    @Kathryn – You’ve met him, how disabled did he appear to you? Enough to be getting a lifetime government check?

    I know a guy who is getting military disability for psoriasis on one arm. Another gets it for a “bad back”, yet has a landscaping business. The disability claims process is about as difficult to get as one of those rear view mirror handicap hangy things that you see quite often around the USC campus.

  10. Steven Davis II

    Well it doesn’t matter, the Supreme Court tossed his (and dozens of others) applications. His only hope is for a write-in vote.

  11. Barry

    @ Kathryn

    “if he indeed is receiving compensation for a disability, he surely has one.”

    I wish that was true (and it may be in his case, I don’t know.

    There is a lot of fraud in the disability business. Sadly, I’ve encountered it first hand in several situations.

  12. Brad

    FYI, Walid was one of those disqualified by the Supreme Court ruling, but he vows to fight on. Here’s his release:

    We have great news from the campaign of Walid Hakim for State House Seat 88. After learning of yesterday’s State Supreme Court ruling, we looked towards a path to stay in the race for Seat 88 and to serve the people of South Carolina. We have the utmost respect for the Supreme Court’s decision. Transparency in the electoral process is fundamental to ensuring that voters can make an informed decision about who they feel will best represent them.

    Walid Hakim is now seeking Nomination by Petition to be placed on the November ballot for the Democratic Party. The petition requires signatures from 5% of the voters.

    With this new task in front of us, we are eager to meet any new challenges that may arise. We humbly ask for your support as we attempt to enable our democratic process to work.


  13. Doug Ross


    Will he file a statement of economic interest? Would be interesting to see just how proletariat he really is.

  14. Steven Davis II

    Walid is one of those types of people who’s always busy… yet accomplishes nothing. Hell with that said he might fit right in with the state legislature.

    But good luck finding 5% of Lexington County who’ll sign his petition.

    @Doug – Well in viewing his website, he’s able to raise three kids doing whatever he does for income.

  15. `Kathryn Fenner

    @ Doug–Statement of Economic Interest is about things like working for Wilbur Smith and Lexington Medical Center while voting on legislation that benefits them…oh wait, what?

  16. Anthony

    Great investigative reporting as usual Brad. What is the nature of Walid’s disability? Would it interfere with his desired position? He wasn’t too disabled to camp out at the state house for 3 months so he will probably be OK.

  17. Mab

    Brad, if you are truly a man of peace, you will delete the above posts. They will only jumpstart the war over here.

    Psalm 120:6

    New International Version (©1984)

    ***Too long have I lived among those who hate peace***

  18. tavis micklash

    “Will he file a statement of economic interest? Would be interesting to see just how proletariat he really is.”

    He filed on 4/18.

    The only thing he claims on the disclosure is $125 for VA benifits.

    Not surprising since the disclosures are useless.

    For his initial campaign finance disclosure he claims he has recieved no contributions or expendatures.

    Can look it up here on the ethics website

    Just put in his last name. viola

  19. Silence

    Mab, Nice avatar. Eagles do have tongues. All birds do, I think. I used to have a falconer who worked for me, and I have seen red-tail hawks’ tongues up close.

  20. Steven Davis II

    As Andy Griffith once said, “I believe the cheese has done slid off his/her cracker.”

  21. Mab

    Mab says, “I believe the cheese on Silence’s and Steven’s (and Bart’s) cracker is one and de same cheese & cracker.”

  22. Mab

    The above should grammatically correctly read, I believe:

    Mab says, “I believe the cheese on Silence’s and Steven’s (and Bart’s) cracker is one and de same cheese. And one and de same cracker.”

  23. Steven Davis II

    @Mab – Good for you. Wrong, but at least we know you have some skills in reasoning.

    Now… what are you talking about?

  24. Steven Davis II

    Mabie – “Texans”??? I’ve never lived in Texas, flown and driven through there a few times.

    You still haven’t explained what you were ranting about.

  25. Steven Davis II

    @Silence – He might be this week.

    Back to my original question, what exactly is his disability? Hurt feelings?

  26. Mab

    Silence — To my knowledge Walid is neither a dentist nor an endo*don*tist.

    Now, please tell us about your new avatar so that “some of us” won’t dream sh!t up about what statement you are, in your mind, making with it.

    Mucho Gracio.

  27. Silence

    This is that very Mab
    That plaits the manes of horses in the night,
    And bakes the elflocks in foul sluttish hairs,
    Which once untangled, much misfortune bodes:
    This is the hag, when maids lie on their backs,
    That presses them and learns them first to bear,
    Making them women of good carriage:
    This is she—”

    – Mercutio

  28. Grandma B

    The only thing I know about Walid Hakim other than the rantings and ravings of this blog is that he slammed into the back of a car at “Malfunction Junction” on December 22, 2011 and when asking the officer to dismiss his ticket for following too closely was unsuccessfuly, he asked for a jury trial. When jury trial was scheduled he asked for a continuance. Why is he trying to get out of a ticket and put off the trial he asked for when the violation is the least he could have been charged with. He was clearly at fault. I know…I was there.


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