Politically diverse crowd at Alan Wilson event

Catching up here…

Friday night, on my way home, I stopped by a fund-raiser for Attorney General Alan Wilson. The promotion for the event said that George Rogers would be there (with his Heisman Trophy, as it turned out), and Todd Ellis as well. I was curious to see what sort of crowd that would turn out.

The crowd wasn’t as big as I’d anticipated, but it was politically diverse, which would seem to indicate that the  AG is in a pretty strong position halfway through his term.

I saw plenty of usual suspects, but then a few less-likely attendees as well. A partial list of folks I saw and/or spoke with:

Notice how I sort of kept Cameron and James — particularly James — until the end there, to keep you hanging…

At one point when I was talking to someone else, Todd Ellis came up and introduced himself, and I introduced myself, and he remarked that it had been a long time. Indeed it had. I don’t think I’d met him before, although I could be wrong…

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