Democrats quote Republicans about Sanford

I thought this release I got from SC Democrats sort of interesting. After saying,

As the general election begins in the First Congressional District, let’s all remember some of what Mark Sanford’s fellow Republicans had to say about the former governor:

… the release then quoted what some prominent Republicans said, mostly back in 2009. Here are some samples:

  • From a letter signed by 60 House Republicans: “After much thought, consideration and discussion, the Republican Caucus of the South Carolina House of Representatives feels obligated to send you this letter requesting your resignation as the Governor of South Carolina.”
  • Then-Sen. Jim DeMint: “He’s dropped the flag…”
  • Then- Rep. Nikki Haley, after praising Sanford’s ideology: “However, another component is behaving in a manner that allows people to trust in their public officials and feel good about their government. Obviously, the governor has fallen far short in that regard and that is extremely unfortunate…”
  • Sen. Harvey Peeler: “We cannot let the Governor’s personal life overshadow his public responsibility, or in this case, his negligence of gubernatorial authority.”

There was one thing from 2013 — a piece by Ann Coulter, that really ripped the ex-gov:

The Republican Party owes Sanford nothing. He had a chance and he blew it. National Review wasted five years of cover stories on how awesome he was, but he never accomplished anything of substance.

He showed off about getting his hair done at Super Cuts, sleeping in his office in Congress and not turning on the air conditioning in the governor’s mansion. He wore the same pair of shoes for 30 years — they’ve been re-soled 70 times!

Big deal. He saved taxpayers $300 in petty cash, but he didn’t implement any lasting reforms.

The most memorable thing Sanford did in his entire life was to make himself a laughingstock as governor by running off with his Argentine honey and then going on TV to announce — in front of his wife and children — “I’ve fallen in love!”

Republicans need to be like Luca Brasi and tell Sanford: “You screwed up; we didn’t do anything to you. Have fun, I’m sure Maria’s fantastic, but you can’t run for Congress.”…

Those Dems are getting diabolically clever…

4 thoughts on “Democrats quote Republicans about Sanford

  1. Juan Caruso

    All true, and It will certainly be interesting to see whether Sanford will be able to pick up “the flag” again.

    Judging by Inez Tennenbaum’s hypothetical campaign against him, I don’t think Sanford is fretting very much.

  2. Steven Davis II

    Why don’t the Democrats quote their leader Barry Obomer who now wants to lower qualifications for home mortgages. Hasn’t this been tried before?

    Maybe Barry and the Shamwow guy could do a late-night infomercial, “You’ve declared bankruptcy twice in the last 6 years… you have a credit score of -546… and you haven’t worked in nearly 14 years. You’ve heard of ObamaPhone and ObamaCare… now introducing the newest entitlement on the market… ObamaHome. Congratulations, here’s the keys to you $400,000 home.”

    1. Bart

      Now that is an image that will give one nightmares. Obama and the Shamwow guy! You really have a very strange imagination SDII.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Sanford didn’t announce it in front of his wife and kids. Jenny famously took a pass on that political set piece.


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