Your Virtual Front Page, Thursday, July 11, 2013

Silence dropped a hint that he expected a third VFP in a row, which to me seems greedy, but here goes:

  1. Farm Bill passes House without food stamp funds (WashPost) — So… if I’m reading this right… they kept in the billions in pork, but left out the safety net part?
  2. Morsi loyalists vow to fight on (BBC) — Peacefully, they say.
  3. Egypt army to get fighter jets from US (BBC) — But apparently, the Syrian rebels are still only getting small arms. If they ever get them
  4. Criminal attorney group ‘deeply saddened’ at arrest of director ( — Hey, I’ll bet they are.
  5. 50 Years Later, a Break in a Boston Strangler Case (NYT) — Talk about a cold case…
  6. Zimmerman Jury Can Consider Lesser Charge, Judge Says (NPR) — Apparently, this has not gone away yet, in direct opposition to my wishes…

10 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Thursday, July 11, 2013

  1. Bryan Caskey

    RE #6: Why are you against the doctrine of lesser included offenses?

    I don’t practice criminal law at all, but it makes sense to me on both in theory and in practice.

    Theory: If each element of the lesser offense must be a necessary element of the greater offense, and the evidence in the case supports an inference that the lesser crime was committed. then you can charge the jury with the lesser included offense option.

    In Practice: The doctrine as a whole ensures a close fit between the evidence actually developed at trial and the offense of which the defendant is ultimately convicted, regardless of the offense with which he was originally charged. It cuts both ways – balancing the equities of the prosecution and the criminal defendant.

    1. Silence

      Sick of hearing about Ol’ Trayvon as well. My issue is why didn’t the prosecution charge him with all that stuff before, why are they just putting new charges up now that they look like they won’t get a conviction on Murder 2? I think that’s kind of crummy.

    1. Bryan Caskey

      Sorry. I interpreted your comment as you had a strong opinion on the doctrine of lesser included offenses. Yeah, the Zimmerman trial has been media porn in my opinion.

      Case should not have been brought (IMHO), and it certainly shouldn’t have gotten as much attention as it did. Judge made a mistake allowing cameras in.

      Had I been the Judge, I would have said that folks could bring a pencil and pad. If it’s good enough for SCOTUS, it’s good enough for me.

  2. Juan Caruso

    Have to agree with Brad. Both Obama and AG Holder (just revealed today) have intervened to predjudice the trial.

    Bryan, unless you are a patent or realty attorney (and you tell us otherwise) you are as likely to carry a gun as Zimmerman.

    Regardless of verdict, IZimmerman’s life may be imperiled merely for the fundamental right of self defense, poor judgement notwithstanding. Yours could just as well be. The U.S. Constitution still stands!

  3. Mark Stewart

    What would have been ideologically consistant would have been if the US House voted down both parts of the farm bill. This way, they sound just like the SC legislature – petulant, myopic and corrupt.

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Well, Andre just said what was on most of the legislators’ minds: if you feed the poor, they will reproduce and keep coming back for more, amirite?


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