Walk for Life: Let’s shoot for the Top Ten!


This blog’s Walk for Life team exceeded its fundraising goal days ago, thanks to the unwavering efforts of the stalwart Doug Ross, who raised more than the $1,000 benchmark all by himself.

So now, let’s get competitive about this.

I don’t know how much other teams have raised for the Oct. 5 event to fight breast cancer, but if the pattern is anything like two years ago, we’re probably in the Top 20 already. In 2011, we came in 18th despite only having raised $982.

The amount we’ve raised so far this year, $1,309, would have put us in 12th place two years ago. So it seems reasonable to assume that the Top Ten is within our reach. (Again, I don’t know where we stand this time, but back then, anything over $1,620 would have put us there.)

Thanks to Kathryn Fenner, Bryan Caskey, my Dad, and one regular from the blog who gave anonymously, for joining Doug in bringing us this far.

Now I’m hoping to hear from some of y’all who haven’t acted yet. Join us, and Top Ten status can be ours…

12 thoughts on “Walk for Life: Let’s shoot for the Top Ten!

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    So Bryan gonna walk?

    If so, I would like some liberals to help me out here! Phillip, bud, Steve Gordy, long lost Michael Rodgers…..

    1. Bryan Caskey

      Yeah, I’m going to walk.

      It’s not about conservative or liberal, though. I think we can all be united in our efforts against breast cancer. You know the saying that politics stops at the water’s edge? I think politics also stops at the edge of fundraising for good charities.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author


    Did y’all see what Bryan did? He’s raised $1,100 for the team — which brings our total to $2,384. (If this were 2011, that would put us in 7th place overall!)

    No question, Bryan and Doug are the champs here. The rest of us need to get on the ball, and get some of our friends to kick in…

    I would make this a separate post, but I’m saving it to highlight in TOMORROW’s post…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        In fact, I think I’m going to go ahead and change this year’s goal, now.

        Bryan just wrote to me, via email:

        Just a humble suggestion: You should update/change the goal for the team since it has been exceeded.

        Move the goalposts.

        Actually, given what he’s done, I don’t think Bryan needs to be making “humble” suggestions…

    1. Doug Ross

      What kind? Those willing to donate ANYTHING? Aside from my personal donation, the average has been under $50. I don’t judge anyone by what they give but I do wonder about people who don’t give just a small amount to any causes. Whether you believe in karma or being blessed, I’ve learned that you get back more than you give in the long run.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    bradwarthen.com has learned that we are officially in the Top Ten! Barely. We’re in 10th place.

    Not only that, but Bryan Caskey is now in FIFTH place among individual contributors!

    Here are the top ten, unless I missed somebody in scanning the big list the old-fashioned way, via eyeball:

    $5,380 — Pink Posse
    $4,810 — Team Winkie
    $4,070 — Richland One – AC Flora High School Team Haddon
    $3,802.11 — Richland Two-Ridge View High School
    $3,787 — EDENS
    $3,417 — Gowns and Crowns
    $2,900 — Colite International
    $2,830 — Richland Two-Dent Middle-Pink Diamonds
    $2,558.92 — PHIT4LIFE
    $2,384.44 – bradwarthen.com


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