Amazing racial comments in House 93 special election


First, I want to apologize to y’all for not reporting this sooner. But apparently everyone else missed it, aside from the Orangeburg T&D.

I’ve been going back through emails I had set aside to look at later, when I found this one I should have looked at much sooner. It’s 11 days old:

House Democratic Leader Todd Rutherford Calls on GOP House Candidate to Apologize for Bigoted Remark


Columbia, SC – House Democratic Leader Representative Todd Rutherford called on Republican candidate for House District 93, Charlie Stoudemire, to apologize today for his incendiary and insensitive comments that were recently caught on tape. Representative Rutherford released the following statement:


“I wish we could get through one election in South Carolina without a Republican making a bigoted remark. Mr. Stoudemire got his facts wrong during his rant and insulted the millions of hard working South Carolinians fighting to find or keep their jobs while Nikki Haley and other Republicans stacks the deck against them. On October 29th voters will have a choice between a proven problem solver in Democrat Russell Ott who will support growing jobs from within, or extremist Charlie Stoudemire who wants to pull South Carolina back into the dark ages. I call on Mr. Stoudemire to immediately apologize for his remarks and SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore to do the same.”

VIDEO: District 93 Candidate Charlie Stoudemire’s comment

Transcript of GOP House candidate Charlie Stoudemire: “…Now the Democratic Party doesn’t want to do that. Why? Because as long as they’re sitting at home waiting on that paycheck, they’re going to vote Democrat. They put a chain around their leg, no worse chain than the chain when they were slaves. Okay? They put a chain around, and they’re holding them to the Democratic Party by giving them that paycheck.”

Suddenly, Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” remarks sound like they came from Mr. Sensitivity.

According to the T&D, Mr. Stoudemire was given a chance to walk that back a bit — a chance most politicians would leap at. Not Mr. Stoudemire:

In a phone interview Monday afternoon, Stoudemire said, “I’m sorry that they (Democratic Party) are offended by that, but that’s what entitlements do.”

Stoudemire said if he’s elected, he will support and create “programs that will cut those chains and make them less dependent on the government.”

Stoudemire said there are individuals who are mentally or physically not able to work and it’s one’s “Christian duty” to provide for those in need.

However, Stoudemire also said that there are individuals who “can do better but don’t do better” and are depending solely on income from government subsidies.

“I’m not talking about wiping out food stamps,” Stoudemire said.

He said “entitlements” take away a person’s initiative to better themselves.

“When you give, it binds that person to the person who’s giving,” Stoudemire said.

He said Monday that this is “enslavement.”…

So now you have both sides.

Mr. Stoudemire, a Republican, is seeking to replace Rep. Harry Ott, who is quitting the Legislature. He will face Rep. Ott’s son, Democrat Russell Ott. The vote is on Oct. 29.

Oh, and by the way, for anyone who wants to be obtuse and object to my headline and say that was not a “racial” comment — well, I’m not going to bother to explain to you who the “they” is who used to be “slaves” and is now “sitting at home waiting on that paycheck.” I’m gonna let you work it out.

5 thoughts on “Amazing racial comments in House 93 special election

  1. dub

    It sounds like it’s a Democrat’s “give a man a fish” vs. the Republicans “teach a man to fish” argument.

    1. Juan Caruso

      Actually, the left have morphed that argument into “give a man money at the beginning of every month to buy whatever he decides for the rest of the month, regardless of whether he has been lame, late, or lazy” argument. And the left now characterizes those of Christian faith as believers in mythology, as they attempt to confiscate $$$ due to the largely discrediited fantasy of anthropomorphic ‘global warming’ from honest wage earners.

      Their deceit is more evel than mere hypocrisy. How is treachery rewarded?

  2. Juan Caruso

    Two, simple question for Messrs. Todd Rutherford, Juris Doctor, University of South Carolina (1996) and/or Brad warthen:

    1. Who or what was the exact “racial comment” (as Brad W. has characterized above), or the target of any “bigoted remark” (as Mr. Rutherford alleges above)?

    2. If for the sake of political correctness society is forced to overlook untenable flaws, just how will equitable improvements ever be discussed?

    What I see, pure and simple is a former journalist flacking, and a politician feigning callousness for political gain in the next election. Soon enough we shall all see if the majority of South Carolinians are really dumb enough and blind enough to not expect better of journalists and politicians.

  3. Silence

    “Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and that the LORD your God brought you out of there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm. Therefore the LORD your God has commanded you to observe the Sabbath day.” – Deut. 5:15.
    Yes, I’m quite clear on who the slaves were. Not confused a bit.


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