Those Lowcountry Democrats know how to party

I enjoyed a release I got last night urging “James Island & Folly Beach Democrats” to “Gather with your Democratic friends” at the Lowcountry Senior Citizen Center on James Island on Nov. 13.

Among the rollickin’ fun that’s on tap:

This program on healthcare will give us an update on accessing the new Affordable Health Care Act…

Woo-hoo! What a fun way to spend the evening. If you’re a Democrat. Not.

One thought on “Those Lowcountry Democrats know how to party

  1. Doug Ross

    And its being held at a Senior Center… where I would imagine all of the people don’t have any reason to sign up for insurance…

    Loved to read the news yesterday about the guy who went around to the various Obamacare “navigators” and caught them on video explaining how he should hide income and not disclose he was a smoker in order to maximize his subsidy. As long as we’re spending other people’s money, why not take it all? That’s the Democratic motto.


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