There’s still no Downton spoof as good as P. Diddy’s

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I got kinda excited when I saw that Stephen Colbert had done a spoof melding “Breaking Bad” with “Downton Abbey” (apparently about a year old, going by the references). Because you know, I’m not done talking about “Breaking Bad.”

And it really had possibilities, considering that actual Downton cast members appear in it, and speak the lines. (Quoth Lord Grantham: “I promised the buyer product, and a gentleman keeps his word, or one has a cap popped in one’s arse.”)

But neither it nor “Downton Arby’s” comes anywhere near the excellence of P. Diddy’s “Downtown Abbey.” But I told you about that before

Neither did this rise to the level of Jimmy Fallon’s “Breaking Bad” spoof several months ago.

So, since it’s old, and not very good, why do I post about it? Why, to bring up “Breaking Bad” again, of course. This was the first time I had seen anybody mention it in like, days, yo…

One thought on “There’s still no Downton spoof as good as P. Diddy’s

  1. Bill

    The Alfred Hitchcock Hour was the greatest television show ever,with GREEN ACRES a close second.Colbert becomes tiresome after 5 minutes,and Jon Stewart is just awful.Jimmy Fallon needs meds to control his ADHD.Breaking Bad was almost as pretentious as that David Lynch bull.

    I haven’t seen a truly great comedian since ,Mitch Hedberg died-


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