Clyburn says MOX to keep going until end of year

This just in from Jim Clyburn:

“I have spoken with Secretary Moniz and he has informed me that the Department of Energy will continue construction of the MOX facility through the end of this fiscal year.  This should allow all of us ample time to develop a way forward that would enhance our national security interests and benefit our state economically,” Clyburn said.  “I am pleased that the Administration has responded swiftly to concerns I raised over plans to place the facility into ‘cold standby.’  I look forward to working with DOE and my colleagues in Congress on ways to ensure the MOX program’s continuity and viability.”

Somehow, “until the end of the year” isn’t all that encouraging. I doubt it’s going to satisfy the critics — especially the Republican critics — of the “cold standby” decision. Or am I wrong?

One thought on “Clyburn says MOX to keep going until end of year

  1. Ralph Hightower

    This decision to continue spending money to build the MOX facility until the end of the US FY2013 doesn’t make sense when they plan on mothballing the project. Why continue pouring money into a sinkhole if the project is not going to have a final completion?
    Okay, it looks like Clyburn (D-SC) has convinced SC Governot Nikki Haley (R) and SC Attorney General Alan Wilson (R) to back off at least until the start of the start of the new fiscal year for the Federal government in October.


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