All is not well in Fringe City: Ravenel, Folks have falling-out

File photo from earlier this year.

File photo from earlier this year.

Erstwhile pals Thomas Ravenel and Will Folks have had a falling-out. Here’s Charleston City Paper‘s version of the tale:

Hours after the Associated Press reported that Ravenel was “reassessing” his indie challenge of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, the former state treasurer tried to get in touch with Folks, the ‘founding editor’ of who appeared on the show as T-Rav’s political advisor.

According to an incident report filed by the sheriff’s office in Lexington County, where Folks lives, after he didn’t answer a phone call from Ravenel Sunday morning, he followed with several “harassing text messages” to Folks around 9:30 Sunday night. The incident was first reported by the Post and Courier, but you can read the full report below.

“Folks stated that he did not want any contact with Ravenel so he did not return his phone call,” the report notes. In one text message last night, Ravenel supposedly promised  “he would have him (Folks) in a trailer within a year.”…

Here’s the incident report. And here’s what Will had to say about it.

City Paper also reported that “In an email to local media, Lexington County Sheriff’s officials say that both parties later told cops that the situation had been resolved.” I’m sure that’s a relief to all…

Meanwhile, I want to know more about the “reassessing his campaign” thing…

19 thoughts on “All is not well in Fringe City: Ravenel, Folks have falling-out

  1. KP

    We are ridiculous. The fact that we are even discussing grade-school texts between a two-bit blogger and an entitled ex-felon polling eight percent, largely on the strength of a trashy reality show…we deserve everything we get.

    1. Bart

      Please, don’t insult fiscal conservatives or conservatives by alluding to either one as a conservative, fiscal or not.

      The fact that Ravenel is drawing 8% in the polls is another indication of the decline of Western civilization. And, the fact that Will Folks has more than one or two hits on his blog only confirms it.

      1. Doug Ross

        Love him or hate him, Folks breaks more news than any reporter at The State. He does provide a valuable service that the local media doesn’t — holding people accountable instead of complaining about broken systems.

        1. Bryan Caskey

          I think the word “history” threw him off. It did for me until I saw your reply with the context of “gay”.

          If you had said, “At least Fits didn’t ignore an important day in civil rightstoday” then I (and probably Brad) would have picked up on your meaning.

          1. Brad Warthen Post author

            OK, at least I know what the topic is.

            I’ve been on Will’s blog several times today, and haven’t seen anything about that. But maybe I just missed it…

            In any case, you’ll find a lot of things on Will’s blog that you don’t find here, as I’ve noted before. He blogs full-time, and he’s more news-oriented than I am. I’m more about opining about things, as I feel moved to opine…

            1. Mark Stewart

              I’m bemused by the sudden rush to defer to federal law by the state’s elected and appointed officials.

              And not amused at the near total lack of political/legal leadership shown by those same officials.

              The situation has already been decided. We are just in the bumbling and stumbling stage.

        2. Brad Warthen Post author

          I don’t know where you get that impression, Bill, but I’m sorry that you’ve reached such a conclusion. Because it’s not true.

          I probably like gay people in more or less the same proportion that I like straight people. People are people…

          1. Bill

            I’m not fooled.You have a history,on your blog,and that other job,where you wrote racist and homophobic editorials.
            I’m sure you don’t see it that way;such is the power of bigotry.
            It’s true.

            1. Kathryn Braun Fenner

              My sense is that Brad likes gay people fine, but is so privilege blind, he cannot see the problem with denying gays the right to marry. He seems to derive so much happiness from his marriage, yet cannot see why two same sex people also might want that. The red herring about procreation is just that. Plenty of straight couples marry without intending or even being biologically able to procreate.


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