The play’s the thing: Help enrich the lives of Thai youth


I mentioned yesterday about our plans to go visit our youngest daughter, who is in the Peace Corps in Thailand.

Today, I offer you the opportunity to help in one of the Peace Corps projects: The Thai Youth Theater Festival, a chance for kids in that country to attend “a three day festival of learning educational theater activities, developing their personal potential, and performing a performance for their audience in English.” The operative concepts being both cultural enrichment and becoming more conversant in English — which is helpful wherever you live in this world today.

I’ve chipped in, and if someone as tight-fisted as I am can do so, perhaps you will, too.

Anyway, here’s where you go to do so, if you’re willing to help out.

4 thoughts on “The play’s the thing: Help enrich the lives of Thai youth

  1. Silence

    Will the King of Siam be there? Actually, it would be kind of meta if the Thai kids staged “The King and I”… or even better, “Small House of Uncle Thomas”

    Also, aren’t the Thai big fans of Tugg Speedman?

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Today, my daughter posted this on her blog:

    Today I met with my tutor to work on some things for Thai Youth Theatre. I am getting pretty excited, it starts in three weeks! I am trying to make it as fun as possible. So far the camp will not only include performances that the students have brought, but also sessions in sword-fighting, mask-making, singing, dancing, and costume design! YAY. Although I arrived at her house at 9, the first hour or so was spent at the edge of her property watching some students participating in the nearby school’s scout camp. They were dressed all in black, and holding firecrackers. Turns out they were supposed to be robbers waiting on a caravan of younger students to pass by, so they could set off the firecrackers and surprise them, to demonstrate the importance of constant vigilance while traveling. Or something….


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