Frederic Remington Open Thread

On the open plains you can talk about whatever you want. How are things around your campfire?

A Cavalryman's Breakfast on the Plains - Frederic Remington 1892

                                    A Cavalryman’s Breakfast on the Plains – Frederic Remington 1892

8 thoughts on “Frederic Remington Open Thread

  1. Bryan Caskey Post author

    It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve had at least one hearing every day this week, so that means I’m kind of being slack on scouring the internet to find things to post here. If anyone has any bright ideas, let me know.

    But hey, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and look at some old western art.

  2. Norm Ivey

    Here’s a topic for your beer drinkers: Soda City Suds Weeks starts this Saturday with a Suds and Spuds event at Soda City Market. It’s the brainchild of non-profit Midlands Craft Beer Supporters. There’s something going on every day for 8 days–beer and chocolate, beer and cheese, sour beers, a progressive dinner featuring Swamp Cabbage beers, tap takeovers, a strictly Carolina beers event at City Roots–something for everyone.

      1. Kathryn Fenner

        Yes, I read the Atlantic article. Still, one can crackdown without getting rid of them. I posit that a majority of USC students would not go somewhere else even if the alcohol culture were severely curtailed. My primary reasoning is that USC is the only public university in the state located in a city, besides College of Charleston, which is more limited in its offerings.


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