Lindsey Graham: Testing the Waters

I came across this piece in the Washington Examiner chronicling Sen. Graham’s recent trip to Iowa where he was testing the Presidential waters:

There is widespread speculation that Graham is running for president to make a point — and indeed, he is making them. Graham sees a world flirting with disaster. If the president accepts a bad deal with Iran over nuclear proliferation, “we’re on the road to Armageddon,” Graham said. If lawmakers do not reform entitlements programs to cut spending, “we will blow America up ourselves,” he says.

But Graham doesn’t think steering the debate and winning need be mutually exclusive. Quaint as it might sound — and to political cynics, perhaps it will — he thinks the right credentials and message at the right time could win votes.

“Stand by,” Graham’s wingman and best friend Sen. John McCain told the Washington Examiner.“A lot of people are going to be surprised.”

By all accounts, Graham is smart and strategic, and he is not blindly ambitious. If he weren’t a politician, one South Carolina Republican operative mused, Graham might be an operative himself. He doesn’t embark on fools’ errands, and to date, he has not run a race he did not win.

If Sen. Graham starts to get traction, he’ll surprise a lot of people, and I’ll be one of them. I just have a hard time seeing him winning a GOP Primary against the current field of candidates. He’d make an interesting Secretary of Defense, though.

8 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham: Testing the Waters

  1. Bryan Caskey Post author

    Unrelated to the substance of the post, what does everyone think about the style in which I did that block-quote? Normally, Brad just kind of does his block-quotes in italics and indents a little. I like this style of block-quote because it really sets the quoted text apart.

    So what do you like better, the old style or this style? Or is this something that no one really cares about?

        1. Mark Stewart

          It looks better, but also looks like the ad boxes within the blog. If the quoted text is highlighted somehow that makes it look “editorial” that would be good.

  2. Norm Ivey

    Generally speaking, I like Graham. Despite some of his over-the-top rhetoric (They’re going to kill us all), I see him as a mostly thoughtful politician. It will be interesting to see what conversations his candidacy provokes.

    As for the block quote style? Put me down as “don’t care.”

    Oh, and On the Road to Armageddon is the worst Crosby and Hope flick ever.

  3. bud

    Given Graham’s well established cred for over the top support of all thingis war he’s a very well known commodity. So he doesn’t need to educate the voters on what he’s passionate about. The question is how his imperialistc mania will sell with the voters. I could be wrong but I just don’t see the ever more libertarian leaning GOP supporting the huge financial burden such a world view would impose on the taxpayers. More important is how all war all the time would sell with moderates. And let’s be clear Lindsey bring little to the table other than this this fear mongering. Don’t think “They’ll kill us all” is a winning bumper sticker.

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Not to mention his ubiquity on the Sunday morning shows. We certainly are familiar with him if we care to be.
      He’s a darn sight better than any other Republican candidate I’ve heard about.


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