Yes! For once, I didn’t stink at Slate news quiz

slate triumph

As I’ve boasted in the past, I tend to test well, but that does not apply to the Slate news quiz — something about the quirkiness of the topics, or the fact that it’s timed (which tends to rattle me), or something. Anyway, I’ve developed kind of a complex about it.

But this morning, I did not totally stink at it! Which for me is a minor triumph. Take that, Features Editor Jessica Winter! Bow down before me, you merely average folk! I edged you out (barely)!

Try it yourself….

3 thoughts on “Yes! For once, I didn’t stink at Slate news quiz

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I should have had eleven. I’ve learned that there is a certain type of answer that the makers of this quiz like. That is to say, they like to choose news stories that would have an answer that would be really offbeat. There’s a certain flavor to them. They’re chosen not for significance, but for outrageousness.

    On the gold question (the last one) I had a feeling I should have gone with what proved to be the right answer, because that’s the kind of answer the makers of this quiz like — the way out there sort of fact. Don’t know why I didn’t.


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