Your Virtual Front Page, Friday March 6, 2015

I’ll ease all y’all into my tenure in a nice comfortable way. We’ll start with a VPF today. (Tomorrow, the re-education camps will be open for business. On the bright side, coffee will be complimentary.)

1. POTUS comes to Columbia, SC: I drove by Benedict early this AM on my way out of town, so I missed all the hoopla. Did anyone do anything special for the Presidential trip?

2. Democrats vow to protect Boehner from Tea Party coup: I know the logic here is that the House Democrats would prefer to stay with Boehner than a more conservative Speaker who would be even less inclined to compromise, but it’s still a weird dynamic. I guess this is what passes for bipartisanship these days.

3. Iraq officials cast doubt on Spring offensive to re-take Mosul from ISIS: I guess if I were an Iraqi general, I’d be pessimistic about my military’s chances at accomplishing anything either. The Iraqi military seems to dissolve like sugar in hot water every time there’s serious fighting to be done.

4. Jenny Sanford applies for DHEC post:  She just sent them her resume. She’s a little on the thin side when it comes to experience, but she did say that while she was first lady of SC, “I spent a lot of time talking about health and wellness and disease prevention. Those are issues DHEC deals with seriously and consistently.” So she’s got that going for her.

5. Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail system might not have been very secure: I’m no tech expert, but I’m just going with the general idea that the federal government’s e-mail system is likely to be far more secure than anything that a private guy can set up for you in your home.

8 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Friday March 6, 2015

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    On account of POTUS’s visit, I stayed in, and walked the dogs around the neighborhood, rather than chance a traffic snarl.

    Yes, Jenny Sanford has a very slim resume, but I guess she doesn’t have quite the baggage Kitzman brought—issues from prior posts which she did not do well in, plus disclosure issues.

  2. bud

    I watched some of POTUS speech today. It made me realize how lucky we are that he was elected instead of McCain or Romney. He has a level head and seems to genuinely care about all the people, not just the 53% or worse the 1%. Notable among his accomplishments: His health care law is working well helping millions of Americans secure affordable insurance that would not have been possible under any of GOP candidates. He doesn’t make rash decisions about war, a level-headed approach that has likely spared the lives of thousands of Americans and the taxpayers trillions of dollars. And most importantly his policies have resulted in the longest jobs growth winning streak in American history. Obama may be vilified by those on the right in a never ending attempt to re-write history. This is perhaps a jealous attempt at glossing over their own failed presidents, especially W. But history will rightly regard Barack Obama as one of the best with many accomplishments despite the most antagonistic congress in history. That is my prediction.

  3. Norm Ivey

    Had an impromptu appointment with my orthopaedist just a block or so from Benedict this morning, but fortunately managed to get out of downtown about the time the President’s plan was landing.

    #2: the best thing that could happen to the country is that Boehner would do more of what he did with the DHS funding bill–just ignore the vocal minority of his own party and get some work done. It would probably be best for the Republican party at large as well to prove they can govern reasonably.

  4. Brad Warthen

    Good job, Brian! I’m reminded of when Yossarian took great satisfaction in the warmth from the tent stove Orr had built, knowing that none of the work that went into it had been his own. Ahhhh….

    You know, I was running all over town today, and it wasn’t until the day was over that I realized I never saw a sign of the president’s visit — no unusual traffic, or anything.

    But my son, who sort of lives in the flight path, says he and my youngest granddaughter saw Air Force One fly over their house. So that’s pretty cool…

  5. bud

    This was a pretty seamless transition to the new regime. I saw the virtual front page post and just assumed it was brad. Perhaps Brad’s brain has been temporarily morphed into Bryan’s head. Guess we’ll know for sure soon.

    1. Bryan Caskey Post author

      You know how you never see Superman and Clark Kent in the same place at the same time?


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