Is President Obama follow-worthy?

It’s up to Elaine Benes to decide whether POTUS is sponge-worthy. My concern is more G-rated.

As you may have read, “they” have finally allowed the president to have his very own personal Twitter feed, which he in theory posts on himself, as opposed to the @BarackObama feed that’s been out there since March 2007 and is written by the Organizing for Action staff.

Now, himself is supposedly Tweeting @POTUS. His first Tweet, on May 18:

… which is where I got the mysterious “they” reference from.

So, all well and good, except there’s a bit of a two-edged sword here (and since this is POTUS, it’s probably made from Valyrian steel). It’s been eight days now, and he’s only Tweeted seven times! And his last Tweet was yesterday.

I generally don’t follow people if they don’t Tweet more often than that. Unless, when they do, Tweet, what they have to say is pretty awesome. Which, alas, the president’s are not. They’re pretty vanilla. Like something, you know, staff-written. Also, I wonder at the professional-looking photos of himself that are not selfies. Who’s really doing this?

A pretty lame and infrequent feed so far.

On the other hand, if he were Tweeting like mad — at the rate I usually do, or someone even more obsessed with the medium — then we’d all be saying, rather pointedly, Doesn’t the president have something better to do with his time? Anyway, I’m going to give him a probational follow. Out of respect for the office. But if he doesn’t liven it up, he’s going on the dustbin…  

2 thoughts on “Is President Obama follow-worthy?

  1. Bill

    You know how some people have a bucket list for to do things before they die ? I have a long list of things I never want to do ever; it starts with playing, golf ,but twttering is in there…


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