Your Virtual Front Page for Thursday, March 24, 2016

McCain's favorite Communist: Delmer Berg, standing second from right wearing a beret, with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain around 1938.

McCain’s favorite Communist: Delmer Berg, standing second from right wearing a beret, with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain around 1938.

We haven’t had one of these for awhile, since I’ve been opting for the less demanding Open Threads, but there’s real news today, so here goes:

  1. Belgium Admits Lapse in Not Heeding Alert on Suspect (NYT) — So they dropped the ball big-time, and innocents died as a result. Belgium!
  2. Despite potent attacks abroad, ISIS is in retreat in Syria, Iraq (WashPost) — On the other hand, we have this, which if accurate would seem to vindicate the Obama Doctrine (motto: Be Careful in that Bathtub!) to some extent. If, you know, MPrince doesn’t it think it too stupid for me to applaud actual gains in traditional, conventional military terms.
  3. Bosnian Serb Leader Guilty of Genocide in Massacre of 8,000 (NYT) — Yeah, I’ve already posted on this, but this is a front page, so I have to include it. It’s history.
  4. Lexington’s Rawl Farm operation fined $1 million for unlawful workers ( — We’re enforcing the law, and that’s a good thing. On the other hand, who’s gonna pick those crops now?
  5. John McCain: Salute to a Communist (NYT) — Just a really interesting read, by one of my favorite Americans. It’s got Hemingway in it, and the Spanish Civil War. And adventure, and nobility, and honor. Fine stuff.
  6. Comedian Garry Shandling dies at 66 (WashPost) — I was never a fan, but some of y’all probably were, so here you go…

5 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page for Thursday, March 24, 2016

  1. Howard

    There was a time when you could get teenage kids to work in the orchards. My neighbors teenage boys don’t even mow the lawn.

  2. Mprince

    I am all in favor of the US playing a role in ridding the world of Daesh. What I steadfastly oppose is the US taking ownership of what comes after by assuming a leading role (particularly on the ground) in making that happen in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere — if only because recent experience has demonstrated the folly of over-extension and unsustainable commitments.

    More importantly, what happens to Daesch-controlled territory will not put an end the problem of terrorism. The wars we have engaged in thus far have not ended that threat, and neither will this one.

  3. Doug Ross

    John McCain is approaching Strom Thurmond territory with his decision to run again this year at age 80. Do we really think an age 86 John McCain in 2022 is what this country needs for the future? These guys get so addicted to the power and the limelight that they just can’t let it go.

    1. Juan Caruso

      Sen McCain’s NYT opinion struck me as quite bizarre for him.

      I had reached a tentaitve conclusion that McCain could be experiencing deepening health problems and feeling closer to his own mortality, might be thinking of or re-writing his own obituary.

      By outward appearances, McCain (born 1936) appears much healthier than ex-Pres. Clinton (10 years McCain’s junior) now does. Perhaps others have noticed Clinton’s unmistakable pallor and fatigue since 2014.


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