Corporate America leaps to associate itself with Prince


Donning my ADCO hat for a moment…

In the brave new world of social media, some pretty big brands — that in the past would have spent months deciding how to present themselves — sometimes make hasty decisions with their identities.

Sometimes their instincts are sound. Sometimes, not so much.

In any case, here’s how some brands positioned themselves upon the news of the passing of the artist formerly, and latterly, known as Prince:

Thank Mashable for calling our attention to these efforts.

6 thoughts on “Corporate America leaps to associate itself with Prince

  1. Mark Stewart

    Corvette’s is okay. 3M hit it out of the park – and it’s universal; just change the color.

    The others using Prince’s symbol in their corporate names are kind of creepy; and exactly the kind of thing it seems Prince would despise.

    The Cheerios one is just a total fail…


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