If Millennials Were Lumberjacks (take THAT, Bruce Gibney)

Bruce_GibneyThere’s this obnoxious kid named Bruce Gibney — I haven’t found his age anywhere, but there’s a picture of him at right, so I think you’ll see my characterization is pretty much spot-on, especially the “obnoxious” part — who has written this book (and good for him! what a big-boy thing to do!) that just really rips into my generation.

It’s called A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America. He goes on and on about it apparently, else it would not be a book.

My wife says she heard him being interviewed on the radio, and was struck by how much he seems to really, really hate us.

Oh, yeah? Well, take a look at this, ya little punk. Here’s what we think of you…

4 thoughts on “If Millennials Were Lumberjacks (take THAT, Bruce Gibney)

  1. Diane L Goloff

    Where the hell is your full article about Bruce Gibney? I can’t find it. I just listened to this little creep on MSNBC. I’d love to know why he hates mommy and daddy so much. Grrrr


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