If Millennials Were Lumberjacks (take THAT, Bruce Gibney)

Bruce_GibneyThere’s this obnoxious kid named Bruce Gibney — I haven’t found his age anywhere, but there’s a picture of him at right, so I think you’ll see my characterization is pretty much spot-on, especially the “obnoxious” part — who has written this book (and good for him! what a big-boy thing to do!) that just really rips into my generation.

It’s called A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America. He goes on and on about it apparently, else it would not be a book.

My wife says she heard him being interviewed on the radio, and was struck by how much he seems to really, really hate us.

Oh, yeah? Well, take a look at this, ya little punk. Here’s what we think of you…

8 thoughts on “If Millennials Were Lumberjacks (take THAT, Bruce Gibney)

  1. Diane L Goloff

    Where the hell is your full article about Bruce Gibney? I can’t find it. I just listened to this little creep on MSNBC. I’d love to know why he hates mommy and daddy so much. Grrrr

  2. Harry R. Allen

    The book should be titled: A GENERATION OF NARCISSISTS
    How Progressive Liberal Baby Boomers
    Betrayed Ameeica.!
    Along with the few remaining members of the Last Great Generation we actual mature adult Baby Boomers voted to save our country from the progressive agenda.
    Also if any Baby Boomers belong to the hate groups NON or ANTIFA they’re so few as to be not worth counting.
    On the other hand the same cant be said for the Me Generation and Millenials who will be the downfall of America!


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