I’m still staying in step — at least 10,000 a day

IMG_2698Sorry to bother y’all with this, but I just do it to keep pressure on myself so I don’t backslide.

At right you see the evidence, from my phone app, proving that I’m continuing to walk (or do the elliptical) at least 10,000 steps a day.

You may note that the record ends on Monday, but that’s because on Tuesday I took my fortnightly day off. I’ve decided to rest on the days after I give platelets, which I do every two weeks. I tend to drag for a day or so after doing that, and need the rest.

I’m still doing 35 minutes in the morning on the elliptical to get a head start (that gives me about 4,300 steps right there). Over the weekend, I think I’m going to move up to 40-minute workouts.

I’ll keep reporting in periodically….

5 thoughts on “I’m still staying in step — at least 10,000 a day

  1. Doug Ross

    Keep it up! Once you get OCD about it like me, you’ll start finding extra steps. Walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking around while talking on the phone, parking at the back side of parking lots when going shopping. You can add 1500-2000 steps without trying hard.

    Not to be competitive (or maybe a tiny bit…) here’s my last week:

    Friday 7,199 (I don’t kick myself any more if I don’t make it one day a week)

    Saturday 21,979 (we hiked up to the top of Table Rock Mtn. and back – 7.2 miles)

    Sunday 10,079

    Monday 20,179 (these are my out of town nights where I shoot for 20K. Easy to do with a one mile walk to and from work, no car, plus 90 minutes on the treadmill or bike)

    Tuesday 20,754

    Wednesday 21,180

    Thursday 11,863

    So about 16K per day — which is high for me. I average about 14K.

    1. Bryan Caskey

      Nice! My 6 year old learned to ride with no training wheels last weekend. Since then, we’ve been cycling all the time. He did 5 miles without stopping.

      I’m going to be getting lots of bike time in, which is good since I have a bad knee that makes walking or running painful after awhile.

  2. bud

    While we’re bragging on ourselves I’ve been successful at a combination 5k run/walk 3 days a week for the last 2 months. My time has dropped from 36 minutes to less than 32. My goal is to break 30 in a sanctioned race. I’ve lost 10 pounds in the process. I admit this is nothing exceptional. I would have easily run the same course in under 19 minutes 35 years ago. Still, I’m happy with it. I walk at least 3 miles the non run days.


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