Help! We’re being buried under an avalanche of populist cliches!

Yow! I just watched this short video at Someone needs to contact the Guinness people, because this has to be the record for the most populist cliches packed into a minute and seven seconds.

Wait, the phone’s ringing… It’s 2010 Nikki Haley, and she wants her Tea Party speech back…

Let’s just hope the rest of the speech, whenever and wherever it was delivered, was way, way better than this. Because you know, she could get elected, and we’d have to hear this stuff for four years. Again…


15 thoughts on “Help! We’re being buried under an avalanche of populist cliches!

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      You bet. If he says a bunch of stupid stuff like that, I’ll rip him. And you know what? I’ll be more ticked off about it, because he should know better. This woman’s proud of her ignorance. Smith can’t get away with that…

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Someone should do a study to determine how many of these entrenched “good ol’ boys” she’s talking about spouted the same mind-numbing, populist, trite stuff when THEY first ran for office.

    Because people who offer no better reason to vote for them than this kind of hot air strike me as precisely the kind of people who are useless to anyone once in office….

  2. Bart Rogers

    Hello, I am (fill in blank) and I am running for (fill in blank) office. It is time for a change in (fill in blank) and I promise to fight for you for (fill in blank) issues and policies. (fill in blank) has been in office for (fill in blank) years and has not delivered on the promises made during their campaign. (fill in blank) has become part of the “good ol’ boys club and I am running as an outsider. While I am in office, there will be changes and a “chicken in very pot”. I will climb Mt. Everest buck naked, fighting for you all the way and without an oxygen supply or any device to help me climb Mt. Everest. I am beholding to no one and will fight for what is right for you and the state. Everyone deserves a chance at the American dream and it will be my sworn duty to fight for your right for a chance to participate in the pursuit of the American dream. I will tackle the important issues (fill in blanks) and fight for you on these issues.

    Thank you for your support and you can made a donation to my campaign so I can go to (fill in blank) and fight for you.

    (fill in candidate’s name and appropriate photograph)
    Email address here – candidateXYZ@gimmeyourmoney
    How to donate here – see email address
    Phone number here – 800-111-0000

    See, it is very easy to do for any candidate for either party, just “fill in the blanks” and go for it.

    Thank You,

    Platitudes Anonymous at Reasonable Rates, Inc. A Non-profit Organization

  3. Doug Ross

    How much you want to bet that the most often used word by the Democratic nominee for Governor will be “Trump”? Everything will be about Trump and the war on women, minorities, and gays. Nothing about actual plans to do anything. Just the same game plan as Hillary.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Oh, there might be some of that — in the primary. But not as much as you seem to think — not the “most-used” or anything.

      But I don’t see that being helpful in a general election. That’s all about winning over people who wouldn’t normally vote for you. And while there are plenty of Republicans and far more independents who don’t like Trump, talking about him doesn’t seem the best way to win them over — and it just gets the 30-something percent that LIKES Trump all stirred up. Seems to me you’d want those folks to lose interest and stay home….

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I propose a game: Each time she says “good ol’ boys” or “career politicians,” or calls herself an “outsider,” we each get to drink a Guinness — and her campaign has to pay for it….

      1. Richard

        Have you ever had a Guinness hangover? I haven’t because I can’t get past the nasty taste of the first glass.


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