… and my regards to Her Majesty. Mind how you go…


I had a brief contretemps with a Brit today, which as you can imagine — yours truly being such an unabashed Anglophile — made me frightfully uncomfortable.

But all ended well.

I tried to be a wag this morning with regard to Her Majesty’s former ambassador to her ancestors’ former colonies:

But one of our friends across the pond took it amiss:

I immediately sought to mend the rift:

Fortunately, my explanation was accepted:

So all is well, I believe. Fortunately, the English have no problem admitting error, unlike us. “Sorry” is their favorite word. Which is one of the things I love about them, in spite of my recent tour of Ireland, which should have radicalized me against the Sassenach. But it didn’t…

Make no mistake: I wish all the best to Mr. Darroch, and hope Her Majesty will find a good situation for him going forward. He’s the Queen’s good servant, and a friend to this country as well. It’s the truest friend who tells us what we need to hear.

So to all my friends over there, ones I’ve met and those I haven’t: God Save the Queen. And mind how you go…

5 thoughts on “… and my regards to Her Majesty. Mind how you go…

  1. Bill

    “I thought you were all cowboys down here.”,Johnny Rotten in Atlanta,1978,The Sex Pistols first concert in America…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    I’m keeping a promise to myself. A couple of episodes of “Endeavour” back, I resolved that I would start saying “Mind how you go” as often as I could work it in…


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