#GreenShirtGuy would laugh his mustache off at this

Trump signs

As funny as he found the MAGA-hat-wearing woman with the tight cutoffs, #GreenShirtGuy would probably have a stroke it he saw the image in the upper right-hand corner of the photo above.rambo

I suppose it’s meant to evoke “Rambo,” but this action hero would better be named “Bonespur,” I believe.

The one day it rained during my beach vacation last week, I accompanied some of my daughters and granddaughters to a nearby flea market. It was a revelation. Now I know where Trump fans get their red hats and other merchandise. (By the way, “MAGA” is now passé. The new hats say “KEEP America Great.” This shift is necessary to preserve the risible fantasy that Trump’s election somehow already made the nation “great again.”)

I found the banner to the left of the “Rambo” one particularly puzzling. Since Trump utters more lies — ridiculous, obvious, easily checked, embarrassingly transparent falsehoods — than any previous prominent political figure in American history, how on Earth would re-electing him in 2020 lead to “No More Bull___?” Is that some sort of campaign promise that a second term would be the opposite of the first?

I dunno. Anyway, in case you’re curious, there were a number of stalls stocked with Trump merchandise, but no, there was no other kind of political paraphernalia on sale at the sprawling market.

There may still be some of you out there who don’t know anyone who would vote for Trump. If you’d like to broaden your social circle, this is definitely the place to go…

9 thoughts on “#GreenShirtGuy would laugh his mustache off at this

  1. Kathleen

    On the way to the beach 2 weeks ago we passed a roadside stand displaying the “Rambo” poster and more Trump memorabilia than I care to remember. We alternately laughed and shook our heads for the rest of our journey.

  2. Mr. Smith

    Here’s another example of “public art.”

    While in the local Nordstrom Rack yesterday, I came upon a fella in a black t-shirt that read on the back:

    “I oil my guns
    [death’s head image]
    with liberal tears.”

    I s’pose that gits sum yucks down at the shootin range.

    1. Barry

      As a CWP holder, people that proudly brag about their willingness to use a gun scare me. I avoid them at all costs.

      Just recently a nut job entered a Walmart in Missouri wearing body armor carrying a rifle and 100 rounds of ammo because it’s an open carry state. He was arrested. Avoid that guy at all costs.

  3. Mark Stewart

    And people say the Confederate flag is just all about “heritage”.

    Here it hangs in its proper post Civil War environment …

  4. Doug Ross

    Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress, reclining on a chair in the Oval Office prominently displayed in his home. Surely it was meant as a joke or to shock visitors but the mind boggles at what type of relationship Epstein and Clinton had… I’m guessing Bill wasn’t exactly distraught over the news of Epstein’s death.

    1. David T

      ” I’m guessing Bill wasn’t exactly distraught over the news of Epstein’s death.”

      Who do you think wrote the check?

      1. Doug Ross

        A dry cleaned facsimile. Clinton didn’t pose for the painting. (We hope). It was an artist’s interpretation.


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