Apparently, the GOP will have a ‘war room’ after all

war room

I’ve seen and heard it mentioned frequently that the White House has no impeachment “war room,” just Trump himself careening wildly from tweet to outburst, without any rhyme, reason or strategy.

That may be, but the Republican Party itself is apparently creating one. Note the job posting I found on Daybook, above. Here’s the description:

The Republican National Committee is seeking applicants for entry- and junior-level positions in the War Room. The War Room is the nerve center of the communications department, and its purpose is to keep our staff and others outside of the organization informed of all political news. War Room staff are responsible to be the ears and eyes of the communications department, coordinating and organizing to keep the RNC informed.

Responsibilities Include:

• Media monitoring, tracking, and alerting news, video, and live events of significance

• Creating and distributing multiple daily products that are disseminated outside of the building, including media matrices, television & network reporter roundups, and travel coverage of notable political figures and governmental officials

• Coordinating with the organization’s research and press teams to quickly flag and engage in rapid response to relevant news and stories

• Manage and update the organization’s video collection

• Monitoring and editing video and audio to assist the communications department in their messaging


• Undergraduate degree required, with a major in communications, political science, journalism or a related field a plus

• An expressed desire or proven experience working to further conservative causes, candidates, and policies

• Familiarity and experience with social media and relevant monitoring platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Tweetdeck, and YouTube

• Strong research and analytical skills, including the ability to quickly and accurately identify politically relevant content and news

• A strong interest and familiarity with the current media and political environment, including political and policy issues

• The ability to quickly and efficiently handle time-sensitive requests from the organization’s communications team and work with tight deadlines

• Above average time management skills

• Excellent oral and written communication skills

Desirable Experience:

• Experience working on a campaign’s or party’s research team.

• Work experience in political communications or research, including on Capitol Hill, in journalism, the law, public relations, marketing, or at a trade association.

• Prior experience with TV Eyes, IQ, Snapstream, Camtasia, Hypercam 3, iShowU, MPEG Streamclip or other video clipping and editing software.

Personally, I wish no one had political “war rooms” — or at least, if they’re going to have them, that they would call them something else. Back when Bill Clinton had one (during the 1992 campaign), I found it quite offensive — only people who had never been to actual war, and had no respect for it, could call it that. And I think the mentality that made them call it that went a long way toward pushing us down the slope to today’s poisonous partisanship.

Of course, if the “war room” comes up with strategies better than the idiotic, desperate invasion and occupation of the SCIF yesterday, I suppose it would be worth it to the Republicans. One has to wonder how long trying to distract everyone from the substance of the charges against the president is going to work for them, even among the base…

21 thoughts on “Apparently, the GOP will have a ‘war room’ after all

  1. David T

    Rumor has it the Democrats will have something similar, but don’t like to use the word “war” so they’ll call theirs the Apology and Excuses Room Analyst.

      1. David T

        Nancy Pelosi has found a solution to that. If a Democrat gets elected he/she will be rushed off to the plastic surgeon who has worked on people like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

      2. David T

        You know, and I hate to give the Democrats any thinking out of the box ideas, but Jimmy Carter still has one term of eligibility left. Just saying since they’re running the wrinkle parade across the stage they may want to consider liver spots.

  2. Karen Pearson

    I have no idea what the Republicans thought they were doing when the invaded the SCIF room yesterday. Wait! Many of these folks were teenagers in the late 60’s early 70’s. They were staging a college type sit-in of that era. You know, the type where you trample the ivy, trash a few administrative offices, and accomplish very little. At least the members of congress who were in there had the sense to refrain from calling security forces to remove them. Instead, they seem to have acted for the most like grown-ups. So instead of looking like heroes trying desparately to defend our right to know everything we’re nosy about all the time, the republicans came off looking like what they were behaving like, immature brats.

    1. David T

      So the Republicans do this once and it’s childish, the Democrats throw tantrums, walkouts, etc… on a weekly basis and it’s patriotic. Perhaps you meant to post this in

      1. Barry

        republicans know a lot about walkouts and tantrums too. Heck, 5 mins of Fox News shows those snowflakes whining like 2 year olds.

        “They are so mean to president trump. “
        “They are so unfair.”

        They sound like a preschool playground with 1 swing.

        1. David T

          The difference between Democrat and Republican tantrums is Republicans leave the black hoodies and bike locks at home.

    2. Barry

      The amusing part is most of the ones “storming” the room already had the right to be in the room.

      Typical Republican reality tv show.

  3. Karen Pearson

    Just to set the record straight, the republicans didn’t storm out, they stormed in. Also, why are the republicans who are (or should be) in that room not there? Are they protesting the hearings? The republicans should at least get their mode of protest straight.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      The Republicans who are committee members ARE in the room.

      The whole silly episode was meant to fool extremely gullible people — those dumb enough to believe the allegation that Republicans are shut out of the process — into thinking these members were DOING SOMETHING to protect their hero.

      It was also meant to distract from the substance of what we’re learning about the degree to which Trump as perverted our dealings with Ukraine to serve his narrow ends…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        The kinds of people they were trying to appeal to is those who are dumb enough to think the original whistleblower is still key to what’s happening — I mean people like Trump himself.

        At this point, you can throw the original whistleblower complaint in the shredder, because what it said has been confirmed, on the record, by so many people…

      2. bud

        The Republicans who are committee members ARE in the room.

        Not exactly. Some Republican committee members actually chose to participate in the mob protest rather than attend the actual hearing! This was an extraordinary and reckless political stunt designed only to distract from the substance of the allegations.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Well, that’s all they’ve got, Bud. The substance kills them, and there’s nothing they can say to it.

          Nothing that makes sense.

          Did you hear Trey Gowdy’s latest defense of Trump? He said if he was withholding congressionally appropriated funds for Ukraine’s defense until Ukraine investigates interference with the 2016 election, then great! And then he employed one of the dumbest versions of the “What about?” ploy, saying that if a Democrat had proposed it, we’d be putting another face on Mount Rushmore.

          Where DO these people get such notions? Partisanship really, really twists people’s ability to reason, doesn’t it?…


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