Uncle Jed, I wanna be one a them double-naught analysts!

cyber threat

I know I’m boring y’all with these, but I continue to enjoy the daily job listings I get from Daybook.

That’s because almost all the jobs they show me are ones I would actually be interested in. And you just have no idea what a novelty that is to me, after the thousands of emails I’ve gotten in the years since getting laid off, almost none of which have any basis in who I am or what my skills are or what I might actually like to do.

But the folks at Daybook get me. I think what did the trick was my stint as communications director for James last year. That seems to have been the missing ingredient. Combined with other things in my background, it suddenly caused the algorithms to start churning out some cool jobs, things I might actually like to do in my post-newspaper career.

Today’s coolest job is “Cyber Threat Analyst.” It might not be as cool as being one of the Navy codebreakers who enabled us to win the battle of Midway, but I guess being the guy who, say, warns the country that the Russians are trying to make Donald Trump president of the United States is as close as it gets these days. (Although it seems maybe that may have been more humint than sigint.)

Never mind that I’m totally unqualified for the position. I’m not planning on applying for it. I just like the sound of it.

It appeals to me the way various fantasy jobs appealed to Jethro Bodine — medieval knight, Army general, double-naught spy. It momentarily engages my enthusiasm.

That’s not much, but it’s something. And I enjoy the momentary distraction…

One thought on “Uncle Jed, I wanna be one a them double-naught analysts!

  1. Bill

    The early Hillbillies were best,but after they ran out of ideas, they still had their moments:
    Jane in Disguise
    October 9,1968

    Summary: Jethro challenges Colonel Dumbarton at the castle next door to the second War of the Roses, to which the Colonel accepts. The Clampetts now have that, and are still hoping to give the deed to Canada back to the Queen. Drysdale arranges Queen Elizabeth I to visit the castle, since the Clampetts still think she is in power. The Clampetts are preparing to fight their war before the Queen comes. Granny trains a few staff members, but Jethro announces he has a plan to end the War of the Roses, with a joust. They charge one another and get knocked off their horses. But Jethro is the first one to get off the ground, meaning the Clampetts win the War of the Roses. After having their success in war, the Clampetts meet Queen Elizabeth I, actually Jane in disguise, and return the deed to Canada, get their name cleared of coward since they won the war, and Jethro gets knighted.



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