America should have listened to Karen Bass in 2016

In keeping with my goal of learning more about Karen Bass, I started clicking through clips on YouTube.

And I ran across this.

It’s from the 2016 Democratic Convention.

Maybe Joe should pick her as his running mate just so she can get out there and say all these things again. Maybe America will actually listen this time…

Bass video

2 thoughts on “America should have listened to Karen Bass in 2016

  1. bud

    To scold the America people by suggesting they should have listened to Karen Bass is asinine. America absolutely DID listen to Karen Bass. To suggest the American people DIDNT is just plain wrong and needs to be called out. Here’s how America voted in 2016:

    Clinton – 65,853,514
    Trump – 62,984,824

    Defend the odious electoral college with whatever Federalist BS you want but do not ever say America gave us Donald Trump. That is just factually incorrect. And you need to stop it! This pisses me off every time I hear someone say it.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      So the 62,984,824 people who voted for Trump weren’t Americans?

      You can’t wish away a problem that big.

      Our Trump problem won’t be over until and unless he is CRUSHED in this election. The fact that 62,984,824 Americans would vote for someone like that is a huge, HUGE problem in our representative democracy. It can’t be discounted…


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