Glad to help. But what, or where, or who, is ‘Ambler?’

This is Lindenwold Castle, which Wikipedia tells me is located in Ambler, PA.

This is Lindenwold Castle, which Wikipedia tells me is located in Ambler, PA.

I’m getting so many fundraising emails from campaigns that they’re getting all crossed up and confused. Texts, too. For instance, my wife has been getting texts intended for someone named “Eugene” for about a year. She can’t make them stop, but has learned a lot about “Eugene.”

I was puzzled today by one from Joe Biden — actually from the Democratic Party, but pretend-signed by Joe — which, under the headline “I am respectfully asking 86 people from Ambler to contribute before Saturday’s deadline,” said:

Brad, I’ve come to you to respectfully ask for your support ahead of countless big moments during this campaign. It’s not lost on me that Kamala and I come to you often. But today, I am asking you to please be one of the 86 people from Ambler needed to support our party and my campaign, because this fundraising deadline is the final deadline of this election — and we won’t get another shot at this…

The team has briefed me on the numbers, and we can reach our party’s final fundraising goal if 86 people from Ambler chip in. Please, Brad: Will you split your first $10 donation between my campaign and the DNC before the final deadline of the race on Saturday?…

We have our work cut out for us, but we know what we have to do: If 86 members of this team from Ambler step up to donate what they can, we’ll hit our goal, fully fund the party programs we need to cross the finish line, and be in the best position possible to defeat Donald Trump and his allies. That’s why I must ask you…

I responded:

Joe, I’ve already given, and glad to do it.

But I have to ask: What, or where, or who, is “Ambler?”

And yeah, I finally did make a direct donation over the weekend. I had to set up Apple Pay — which I had resisted up to now — on my phone to do it, but I did it.

I guess this is the Ambler he meant. I hope those 86 folks step up. Because Joe really needs to win there…

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