Mitch puts on his Big Boy Pants


OK, so maybe I was a tad dismissive today when Mitch McConnell made his grand gesture…

I know it’s not helpful. I know having the top-ranking Republican in Congress congratulate Joe is better than not having him accept reality, even after all this time.

I know that Joe himself would not be so dismissive, because it’s his job, his mission, to pull our country back together. And he’s worked with this guy before, and might well be needing to work with him a lot in the future. And if I were Joe’s communications director or something, you’d see me striking a different tone.

But I’m not, so I indulged myself there.

Hey, I get it. Mitch didn’t do the right thing over a month ago because a) he knew it wouldn’t have deflected Trump’s nonsense, and b) he didn’t want to start an intraparty kerfuffle “that could hurt the party’s chances in two Georgia Senate runoffs and imperil must-pass legislation.”

He thinks he’s done the statesmanlike thing, you see.

But you know, I don’t give a damn about his Georgia runoffs. And I feel a great amount of disgust for anyone who would tolerate the determined efforts of the President of the United States to undermine our electoral system and our country just so he and his party can cling to power.

So it’s nice Mitch has donned his Big Boy Pants. But he should have pulled them up a long time ago…

20 thoughts on “Mitch puts on his Big Boy Pants

  1. Randle

    Only a few hours after Vladimir Putin. “For my part, I am ready for interaction and contacts with you.”
    A sentiment expressed by the Russian, but not one I heard from the Majority Leader.

  2. Bob Amundson

    Putin is loving how are country is divided. “Dezinformatsiya” fueled some of our political fires, and as American Intelligence focused on election interference, it appears Russia successfully “hacked” Treasury and Commerce Departments. They may have infiltrated our defense systems; if so, my guess is the information is classified.

    As I wrote “American Intelligence” the word oxymoron came to mind. Too many people see an enemy within; I see external threats, mostly cyber and economic.

  3. Barry

    McConnell’s 3 daughters with his first wife are all Democrats. One is a progressive activist. The other 2 are as well but to a lesser degree.

    I’ve read several stories about how several people close to Mitch in his personal life have abandoned him given his fealty to Trump. David Jones, the late co-founder of the health-care giant Humana, was a mentor of McConnell’s and had a falling out with him right before his death over him not standing up to Trump.

    A former biographer of McConnell’s who wrote a very positively of him about 12 years ago said Mitch privately can’t stand Trump and thought he was unfit to be President- but his desire for political power overwhelmed everything.

  4. Barry

    I noticed a Biden assistant cursed in a recent magazine interview

    that has apparently upset conservatives who are accustomed to uplifting language and decorum under Trump.

    Fox News has has multiple segments today on the assistants language, per my brief look at Twitter.

    Hypocrites gonna hypocrite

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      No, partisans gonna be partisan.

      That’s the problem with parties. They degrade adherents’ brains to the point where if OUR guys do it, it’s great; if the OTHER side’s guy does it, it’s horrible. And they’re perfectly serious about it.

      And if anyone doubts Democrats are subject to this, do a quick survey to see how many were OUTRAGED at Clarence Thomas’ unacceptable conduct toward a woman in the workplace, and defended Bill Clinton for actually having sex with probably the least powerful female who worked in the White House.

      Are the Republicans worse these days? You bet. Trumpism has made them all completely insane. But the problem of what partisanship does to people’s judgment existed a LONG time before Trump…

      1. Barry

        I can’t disagree- although I think they are hypocrites.

        I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton for some of the reasons you mentioned.

        Trump – ditto.

      2. bud

        These days ???? For decade Republicans have been far worse. And, as usual, Brad leads the false equivalency parade. Clinton’s behavior was consensual with an adult women who kept the dress as a trophy. Sure Democrats have their faults but the are remarkably tame compared to Republicans. It’s just that now the Republican threat to our nation is fully in the open.

  5. Barry

    BTW- Is trump doing anything regarding the Russian attack on the Dept. of Homeland Security and the Pentagon? He hasn’t said a word about it, neither have the usual suspects from the GOP in the Senate.

    Seems to be a non issue with conservatives. I guess this is just the norm…

    1. Randle

      Not a big issue; still working on coup. And messing up vaccine distribution. Plus tweets, pardons, ignoring virus. That’s a lot for these pinheads.

    2. Randle

      Not a big deal; still working on coup. And messing up vaccine distribution. Plus tweets, pardons, ignoring virus. That’s a lot for these pinheads.

        1. Barry

          Trump still hasn’t mentioned the Russian hack which appears to be one of the most serious hacks in American history

          Conservative media and right wing talk radio have barely mentioned it. They are solely focused on hunter Biden and his business dealings – not security hacks at the Pentagon , the department of homeland security, and what is possibly a hack of our nuclear weapon infrastructure.


  6. Barry

    Also seeing where trump attorney Lin Wood in Georgia has accused John Roberts and Stephen Breyer of being on “Pedo Island.”

    I’m assuming the Georgia Bar is ok with attorneys accusing Supreme Court justices of child molestation?


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